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Let’s discuss now one of the most awesome actresses of last decade. I mean Jennifer Aniston that is widely known among sitcom fans and beauty girls’ lovers. She is very popular due to her unmatched beauty and high fees. Her great success became the reason for most TV viewers to guess about her look, and many of them are even sure that the only way to achieve such a beautiful face is plastic surgery.

Thanks to the leading role in the famous series «Friends», she managed to reach another level in her career. Starting with Rachel Green, it was no longer difficult for Aniston to get successful roles such as sweetheart of “Bruce Almighty” and entering the top sexiest “Horrible bosses” on the TV and even the whole country. The list of films with her participation is constantly growing.

Her fame reached a world level, and this led to the gutter press decided to make money on sensations dedicated to her appearance. She was accused of having surgery on her nose, chin and even breast implants. It seemed there was no end to the list.


Heartburn and attempts to expose the star reached a peak when rumors spread that Jennifer secretly visited cosmetologists where she got laser procedures, made injections of Botox to maintain her skin springiness, and even facelift.

So let’s sort out whether these rumors true or false?



Before & After Photos

Now we’re going to analyze if Jen Aniston has really resorted to any kind of surgery to keep beauty and youth and due to this we found series of photos taken before she reached popularity. You can look and compare what we’re going to show you…

Take a look at the photo below.

Did She Do A Nose Job?


A lot of her fans guess that actress made an operation to get her face features look better. As you can compare these photos you can mention that in previous times her nasal bridge was a bit thinner and nose tip wasn’t so taut. But now (put an eye at AFTER photo) nasal bridge is noticeably thinner and tip is sharper.

Despite the difference is not so big we can conclude that she had Rhinoplasty but changes were not great. She just made some areas cuter and thinner.


Has Jennifer Had A Boob Job?



Her boobs have already become even more popular then Jennifer herself. You know that her breasts and guess whether actress put implants or not was discussed during couple of years. Look through the first photo. You can mention her breasts are flat. And compare with next photo where it is clearly visible that the breasts are much fuller and cup size is increased. The difference is obvious.


Despite to difference we don’t think that she put breast implants because she could have another type of surgery such as breast lift or fat grafting. These procedures can also raise bust volume and are used for similar purpose.


Any Changes In Her Chin?


Aniston’s chin has always distinguished her among other actresses, and due to its’ originality she became so famous for her face features. This became a reason why some TV-fans were guessing about her chin implant. Moreover, they think that she had cosmetic surgery even before her big time on TV.

We looked through her younger photos and found out that her chin has always been big and if she underwent some procedures it seems that she made her chin smaller. What’s your opinion? Has she reduced her chin?

Did She Do Botox Injections?

Let’s see at BEFORE photo. Her skin seems too flabby and there is a couple of wrinkles near her eyes and around her lips and that deep line on her forehead draws the eye. But do you see them on another photo? They’re gone.

It’s obvious that she visited cosmetologists to make botox and xeomin injections to get rid of all those skin imperfections. You can also notice fillers’ traces especially on her cheekbones.


What About Facelift?


At both photos her face looks hydropic and even plumper but AFTER photo differs as far as her skin looks much springier. This suggests that she underwent a circular facelift and also browlift to look younger and fresher.


Jennifer’s Face And Body Transformation

Now let’s make a control check and look through her changes during career. May be we have missed some procedures because of changes in hair and makeup. Let’s see and compare.

Early Years

Here you can see her early photo from the time she started at high school. Aniston is about 12 years old. This photo confirms that she made plastic surgery on her nose. Here it’s bulky on the tip.


Year 1990


This year Jennifer debuted in Camp Cucamonga. She was 21 and her face features differ from what we see now. There is much fat on her cheeks. She was teased because of her face. They called her pillow face at that time.

Year 1994

This is the year when the popularity came to Aniston after she played Rachael Green in  TV sitcom Friends. Her nose is still big and if to believe rumors this photo was taken before cosmetic surgery on her nose.

And her chin is already big and due to this many TV fans were guessing did she put chin implant or not. How do you think whether she underwent this surgery to change her face shape or not?


Year 2000


This year is important for actress because she married  Brad Pitt  after two years of dating. TV lovers fell in love with this couple and her hairstyle as far as it complimented her face perfectly.  She is awesome with such a long hair, isn’t she?


Year 2003

Now analyse this photo where you can see Aniston at the first show of Bruce Almighty. She looks awesome and her breasts look very natural. So we can suggest that boob job was made later, about 1-2 years after this ceremony. Her brown hairstyle make her look gorgeous.

Year 2005

This year Aniston walked through divorce after about five years of family life. Her body looks skinny and fit. Have you already noticed some changes with her cheeks? There’s no any fat on them. Now we know that she didn’t undergo any procedures to make them look this way.

Year 2007

After divorce Jennifer had to accept the marriage between her ex-husband and the most beautiful women of the world Angelina Jolie. Aniston continued to work and this photo was made after her winning the ‘Favorite Female Movie Star’ Award at the 33rd Annual People’s Choice.

Take a look at her breasts. It looks much fuller and busty than on previous photo. It seems that it’s normal for women to change their appearance after divorce or breakup. So was there boob job or not? Soon you will have a chance to decide.

Year 2010

At the Golden Globes Awards Jennifer looks perfect. Her dress emphasizes her figure, and it’s ok. When you have such a hot body there are a lot of reasons to show it to photographs and fans wearing high heels showing long beautiful legs.

We are sure that her body is not a result of any kind of surgery. But it’s obvious that she has a great fit plan and keeps a diet.

Year 2014

You can see rare photo. Here you can see Jennifer like no-makeup-girl. Don’t be afraid, this scar is not real, it’s fake. This photo was taken during filming the movie, Cake. Have you already noticed a double chin and those deep lines on her neck? We should think whether she is going to make a neck lift soon or not.

Year 2016


Hey, are there still any doubts about her boob job? These are not implants! Just look at her body and face. She is gorgeous with this sparkles in her eyes. People Magazine was right calling her “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” in 2016.


Year 2017


Take a look at this photo where Jen visits the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. Anyway there’s still no evidence about any surgery on her face as good as there is no trace of fillers in her lips or cheeks. But we can’t tell the same about her forehead and other face areas. How do you think?

Year 2018


This was the dotage Jennifer and Justin Theroux stated it forsake following their 3-year family. They didn’t have children and didn’t have an adoption. That is the reason why it was possible for her to keep fit during the years. But if to talk about her face it’s obvious that it’s impossible to look such a way at her age without any procedures. A lot of women after 50 years old undergo some laser treatments and use a lot of different skin care creams. But sometimes it’s not enough and to look younger it’s necessary to make circle face lift.





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More Information About Jennifer Aniston:

Real Name: Jennifer Joanna Aniston

Birthday: 11.02.1969

Star Sign: Aquarius

Birth Place: Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California, United States

Nationality: American

Nationality: Creek, English, Italian, Irish, Scottish

Profession: Actress, Film Producer, Film Director, Voice Actor, Businessperson

Emolument: $200 Million

Marital status: Single

Children: None

Height: 1.64 m

Weight: 53 kg

Body Measurement: 34-23-35 Inches

Bra Size: 34C

Dress Size: 4 (US)

Shoe Size: 7.5 (US)

Natural Hair Color: Brunette

Natural Eye Color: Blue Grey


There is no doubt that Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. We looked through a couple of photos and we see nothing unusual when one of the richest actresses of the world uses some modern means including plastic surgeon or laser treatments to keep the youth. Wouldn’t you do the same?

It seems that there are some changes with her breasts but we repeat: those are not implants. And what about her chin… probably she reduced it but again: there is no implant in it! We are sure that she works of the appearance but it’s more look alike good treatment neither plastic surgery.

Carefully reviewing her face, you can come to the conclusion that there was a tightening  or face lift and botox injections. This is confirmed by the unnaturally clear face shape for her age and the swelling of the face.

And what do you think about it?

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