Best known for leading hits like “Hello” and also “All Night Long,” Lionel Richie is one of the most significant songs artists of funk as well as soul (or R&B).

Apart from his talent. I can’t aid however see that the singer has actually stopped maturing.


Seriously, his face hardly shows creases and the vocalist is over 70 years old. So unless he has some type of fabulous genes after that I’m certain he has a couple of youth reviving secrets hidden under his belt.


Time for some investigation!



I imply … if you have an effective profession for 50 years as he did, you would certainly be blessed to have the best cosmetic surgeon to aid you look great as well, right?


Did Lionel Richie Have Botox?



Lionel plainly has even more natural lines in his more youthful days, but for some reason, his face in the after image looks a lot smoother and also is literally line-free.

While it may hold true that “Black do not break,” individuals also do not age in reverse. Why does Lionel look younger then? It’s simple– he could be obtaining botox!


Has Lionel Had a Facelift?



If Lionel’s face obtains normal botox, then I wager he obtains a facelift. His face in this after photo looks tighter as well as stretched.

Do not find out about you, but I see an apparent “lift” on the upper part of his face, the cheeks and forehead.


Did He Get a Hair Transplant?



Lionel has actually kept his trademark lavish and curly hair for many years. However these before and also after photos inform me that he had some thinning moments.

Was this a very early indication of hair loss? I assume so and also appears like he captured it early also, and had the ability to remedy his declining hairline via a hair transplantation procedure.


What about a Nose Job?



Although Lionel was a vital figure in making “We Are the World” a globally sensation together with Michael Jackson, he certainly left his very own nose alone (Sorry Michael).

There’s nothing different here to see so no rhinoplasty to me.


Lionel Richie: Before and Now



To gather more evidence of Lionel Richie cosmetic surgery, allow’s go over his physical adjustments over the years. You must be able to tell if he’s maturing normally by the end of this.


Young Lionel



Here’s a throwback image of Lionel in high school. Doesn’t he resemble a decent lad a mom can be proud of with his connection as well as wire-rimmed glasses?


Year 1968: The Commodores



Lionel was the vocalist of the Motown team Commodores. He had big afro hair, which was the trend back then, and also used a mustache that would later on become his signature appearance.

Commodore participants wore slick costumes that left a lasting impact on their fans. These advanced clothing don’t look poor for Richie in all. I think he put on the outfits well.


Year 1982: Going Solo



Lionel went solo as a songs artist and ended up being very successful during the 80s. He grew his curly hair longer, which was in fact the “cool” hairdo for African Americans of this years.

Lionel likewise used this thick mustache, called a Chevron, that made him look extra manly. The vocalist’s means of dressing up was constantly improved and brightened. He had a preppy design with his cardigans and collared t-shirts.


Year 1996: Short and Tidy



Lionel has constantly been a well-dressed man and also due to his elevation and also slim framework, I believe he could actually pass off as a design if the vocal singing did not exercise. He looks rushing in this all-black layer as well as turtleneck set.

His hair has actually been cut to a clean cut however he changed his facial hair. The Chevron is gone but I think he looks way better with this circle beard.


Year 2000: First Taste of Botox?




The singer launched his resurgence with the cd “Renaissance,” after having no pinch hit a while. Something about Lionel looks various in this album cover.

I assume he might have gotten his first taste of facial fillers.

Lionel also shows up to have lighter skin as well. Did he attempt whitening too or is this simply the lighting or modifying of the picture?


Year 2006: Like a 30 Year Old




After an additional cd release that went on to the Billboard 200, Lionel still verified he’s one of the top-selling vocalists worldwide.

He also showed that he’s got an anti-aging secret (I assume it’s renovation) since Lionel looks more youthful than ever in this photo. The remarkable face skin hid his actual age due to the fact that he’s concerning 57 right here and yet he resembles a 30-year-old.


Year 2014: A Legend



Named a Legend of Live by Billboard Awards for his work in songs, Lionel might as well be called as the celeb with the most famous skin. Currently in his 60s, Lionel still looks younger than his actual age despite having some traces of creases. The lines on his neck are likewise extra prominent right here.

He’s returned to using a Chevron but he has actually upgraded it with a small boxed beard on his reduced lip. He maintained the exact same neat, brief as well as curly hairstyle for decades that it would be difficult to neglect this picture.

Year 2018: Too Much Injections?



Lionel is now nearing 70 years old in this picture yet I assume that he has overdone it with the botox. His cheeks are also puffy and there’s a minor bump in his forehead. Possibly it’s time Lionel call down on the cosmetic enhancements before it looks a bit unnatural.


Year 2020: Still Looking Fantastic



Honestly, this is obtaining absurd people.

At 71, I do not understand exactly how he can still look this excellent. I understand he most definitely dyes his hair but the smoothness on his face gets on one more level. Amazing!


Year 2021



He wanted to launch his own cosmetic line



As far as I can recall, the vocalist has not attended to any kind of plastic surgery rumors regarding him in meetings. He has actually additionally not talked about his skin care program in detail.

Back in 2016, there were reports he’s introducing his own line of cosmetics as well as face masks after filing for a trademark for “Hello By Lionel Richie.”

Clearly, he’s mindful of taking care of his skin as well as his appearance.


Let’s wrap it up!



Like numerous celebrities, I think Lionel Richie has actually had cosmetic treatments. In spite of his privileged way of living, his ageless appearance could not possibly be the product of genetics. I truthfully believe he has actually a doctor hidden in his telephone directory.

The images of his improvement can not exist. I believe he’s had botox and he might have had a facelift or an eyelift. If real, Lionel’s very early treatments were refined and at the very least very natural-looking.

Nonetheless, I’ve got to confess that he could be taking way too much supply on this obsession considering that his most recent botox face does not look natural any longer. Possibly, it’s time for Lionel to approve he can no more deal with aging and allow nature take its training course.


What do you think?

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