As Instagram gains popularity, a lot of people utilize the platform to aid their own popularity. This is especially true for models – a social network based on photographs is the perfect platform for somebody who earns their living with their looks. One such model is Viki Odintcova – a young Russian beauty with a staggering 37 million followers.

An image of Viki Odintcova


With so many people watching her on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that there are a lot of rumors about her. Some of these rumors, as is often the case with beautiful women, claim that Viki’s incredible body is the work of a plastic surgeon.



Who is Viki Odintcova?


An image of Viki Odintcova


She first came in to the public eye when she was just 20 years old. However, her popularity is mainly web-based, she still has a long way to go if she wants to become genuinely famous. She is currently studying English, which should help her become better known outside of Russia. For the time being, despite her astounding success on Instagram, she remains very modest and natural.


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Viki claims that she hasn’t had plastic surgery, and that she maintains her perfect figure with the help of working out and a healthy diet.


An image of Viki Odintcova


She describes her future perfect partner as being smart, generous, loving and with a sense of humor.




She is very adventurous and daring and enjoys doing things that give her a rush of adrenaline. This includes hanging of the top of a skyscraper by somebody’s hand – and she even posted a video of this online? You can see it below.


An image of Viki Odintcova


So now that we know who she is, let’s move on to the rumors of Viki Odintcova plastic surgery. As is usually the case with famous women with large breasts, many people suspect that Viki had a boob job.

Viki Odintcova Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos


An image of Viki Odintcova

Viki Odintcova and Breast Augmentation Rumors


An image of Viki Odintcova


We wanted to compare current photos with photos of Viki Odintcova before plastic surgery – if there was a plastic surgery that is. However, we couldn’t find any photographs of her from before she became famous. So we’ll have to make our conclusions based on her current photos.


An image of Viki Odintcova


What stands out when you look at Viki is how thin she is – and how out of proportion Viki Odintcova boobs look in comparison to her slender body frame and thin waste. It isn’t that common for women with her build to have such large breasts – but it is possible.


An image of Viki Odintcova


However, when you look at the shape of Viki Odintcova tits under tight tops, you can see that they look perfectly natural. The shape isn’t too perfectly round, her cleavage looks natural and they just don’t look the way fake boobs look. So we do think that they are real.


An image of Viki Odintcova


Viki Odintcova and Butt Implants Rumors


An image of Viki Odintcova


But her boobs aren’t the only body part that attracts rumors – Viki Odintcova ass also gets its share of gossip.


An image of Viki Odintcova


While it is more common for women to want to make their ass look smaller and slimmer, some women resort to plastic surgery to enlarge their backside to give their body and hourglass shape. People say that Viki Odintcova is one of these women.


An image of Viki Odintcova


By looking at her photos, we’ve arrived at the conclusion that her butt looks perfectly natural and there is no indication what so ever of her getting plastic surgery and butt inserts.

Overall, Viki Odintcova is an outstandingly beautiful woman with a perfect figure and pretty face. It’s no wonder men find her extremely attractive. And we’ve come to the conclusion that her looks are completely natural, no plastic surgery involved.


An image of Viki Odintcova


Some More Data on Viki Odintcova:

Original Name: Viktoriya Dmitrievna Odincova

Date of Birth: November 15, 1993

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Place of Birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Nationality: Russian

Race / Ethnic Group: East Slavic ethnic group

Job: Model and Social Media Personality

Net Assets: $600,000 US

Relationship: Single

Children: None

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Weight: 55 Kg

Body Dimensions: 36-24-36 inches

Natural Hair Color: Brown

Natural Eye Color: Dark Brown

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, twitter


Year 2015


An image of Viki Odintcova

Year 2016


An image of Viki Odintcova

Year 2017

An image of Viki Odintcova


Year 2018


An image of Viki Odintcova

Year 2019


An image of Viki Odintcova

Year 2020


An image of Viki Odintcova


Year 2021

An image of Viki Odintcova




Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram


Публикация от Виктория Одинцова (@vika_odintcova93)


Watch video Viki Odintcova


Viki’s subscribers were shocked by this did of the model. Many people considered this trick a kind of madness, but most fans expressed their admiration for Odintcova’s courage. After the release of this extreme video, Viki Odintcova’s page on Instagram has increased in popularity.

The girl comes up to the expectations of her followers and regularly publishes her pictures of high quality. One of her latest photo shootings took place in Sri Lanka in 2017. At these pictures Odintcova demonstrated her perfect physical shape: the girl does not hesitate to appear in revealing seductive bikinis. Though Viki rarely appears naked in the photo shoots.

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