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Christie Brinkley has been in the public eye for 45 years – ever since she was discovered by a photographer in her late teens. Even for a model, who usually take more care of their skin and look younger than most women their age, Brinkley looks spectacular, as if she just stopped aging altogether at some point.

An image of Christie Brinkley


She is the founder of a cosmetics brand that offers a complete range of anti-aging skincare products, but as most women over sixty know, there’s only so much a face cream can do – it can make you look better, but it can’t perform miracles and stop time.

When there’s no logical explanation, people start to make assumptions. So of course the question arises – has Christie Brinkley had plastic surgery, and, if so, what plastic surgery has Christie Brinkley had?


An image of Christie Brinkley


To get to the bottom of this, we suggest we look at photos of Christie at different ages and decide – has Christie Brinkley had cosmetic surgery?



Before and After Photos


An image of Christie Brinkley


Year 1975


An image of Christie Brinkley


The fist agency to sign Christie Brinkley was Eileen Ford Modelling Agency. Success came to her quickly, and she landed three different advertising campaigns by the age of 22. Of course, it should come as no surprise: a perfect body, great skin, beautiful hair – everything you need to succeed in the world of modelling.


Year 1979


An image of Christie Brinkley


Brinkley was on the cover of Sports Illustrated for three consecutive years – from ’79 to ’81 – and she’s the first model to achieve this. Notice how Christiy Brinkley’s breasts are quite a modest size in this photo.


Year 1983


An image of Christie Brinkley


In 1983 she landed her first acting role in the motion picture “National Lampoon’s Vacation”. This picture really shows off her bone structure, and we can see that her jaw is somewhat wider than what is usually considered conventionally beautiful. However, the shape of her chin compliments this and her face is very proportionate, so obviously there’s never been any need for jaw reduction surgery. Also you can see that her smile has always been perfect, so there was never any need dental work.


Year 1992


An image of Christie Brinkley


In the 80’s and 90’s we could frequently see Brinkley on the cover of fashion and women’s publications. So it was only natural for her to land a contract as the face of cosmetics brand Cover Girl. In fact, she held on to that position for a record breaking period of time – 25 years.


Year 1997


An image of Christie Brinkley


After seeing this photo we can clearly answer the question “what plastic surgery has Christie Brinkley had?” – it’s evident that her breasts are larger here than in previous photographs. This is the first picture where we can see Christie Brinkley’s breast implants.


Year 2000


An image of Christie Brinkley


You’d never guess from looking at the radiant and astonishingly beautiful Christie Brinkley in this picture that she is in fact 46 years old here. From the look of her smooth and glowing skin and full cheeks, she’s had some fillers or similar treatment.


Year 2002


An image of Christie Brinkley


While a previous photo from the 90’s led us to believe that Christie Brinkley has had breast enlargements, in this picture her breasts and cleavage look very natural. What we want to know is who is Christie Brinkley’s

plastic surgeon as this is some superior work, especially if you consider that the surgery was done in the 90’s when plastic surgery wasn’t quite what it is today.


Year 2004



Can you believe that Christie Brinkley is 50 years old in this photo, taken at the celebration of Sport Illustrated’s 40th anniversary? We wonder what makes her look so good – diet and exercise or plastic surgery?


Year 2008


An image of Christie Brinkley


Here Christie is pictured during the proceedings of her fourth divorce, from Peter Cook. It’s probably the divorce that is making Christie look really stressed – this is the first time that we can see wrinkles on her forehead. It’s obvious that a face lift could be on the cards in the future. However, the skin around her eyes is still wrinkle free – a miracle at her age, so there are reasons to suspect an eye-lift. Or could it be just a really good eye cream?


Year 2009


An image of Christie Brinkley


This picture was taken shortly after the divorce. Though she still looks amazing for her age, some signs of getting older are beginning to show – for example, her hair doesn’t look as lustrous. We also think that it’s pretty obvious that she’s had Botox injections.


Year 2012


An image of Christie Brinkley


We’d sure love to look like this when we’re 50, wouldn’t you? Christie is the same blond blue-eyed beauty as in previous photos. Her make-up and red lipstick make her look even better.

But it’s this picture that makes us want to know – has Christie Brinkley had a face lift? We’re pretty sure she has. And a neck lift. But they look so good that, again, we’d love to know who Christie Brinkley’s plastic surgeon is.


Year 2014


An image of Christie Brinkley


This photo was taken at yet another event for Sports Illustrated. And Christie Brinkley looks as amazing as ever. It’s a wonder how she manages to stay so thin.


Year 2015


An image of Christie Brinkley


In 2015, together with dermatologist Dr. Day, Christie Brinkley founded a lone of skincare products.

We’d sure love to know Christie Brinkley’s skincare secrets – no obvious sun damage, no apparent signs of aging. It’s unbelievable that she looks so good at sixty one.


Year 2016


An image of Christie Brinkley


So this picture brings us to the matter of Christie Brinkley plastic surgery 2016. There was some talk of her getting a nose job, but we don’t agree, because the shape of her nose looks exactly the same as in previous photos. The shape of her chin, however, is an entirely different matter – it does look somewhat different, and this could be the result of injections.


Year 2017


An image of Christie Brinkley


At sixty three Christie looks as good as ever, although, judging from this picture, it seems pretty likely that she’s gotten lip injections. But her hairstyle and makeup make her look extremely attractive.


Year 2018


An image of Christie Brinkley


Year 2019


An image of Christie Brinkley


Christie’s Comments on Rumors of Cosmetic Surgery


An image of Christie Brinkley


Christie is one of the few stars who don’t try to hide the fact that they’ve had some help from surgeons to look so good. In 2015 she admitted to having such cosmetic procedures as injections and fillers, saying that otherwise it would have been almost impossible to keep her skin looking so smooth at 61.

She also opened up about a negative experience with Botox, when something went wrong with the injection and resulted in Christie looking permanently upset because of the way her eyebrows looked after the procedure. As a result, she never went back to Botox injections to her forehead.


An image of Christie Brinkley


However, her neck is a different matter. To fight wrinkles on her neck, she had Botox injected in small amounts to the problematic areas. This procedure was very successful as it made her skin look tighter, but didn’t affect her facial expressions.

In an interview to People magazine Christie said that she sees cosmetic procedures as a way to keep her looking the same age as she feels – and she feels a lot younger than she is. In her opinion, there’s nothing wrong with using any means possible to look younger of more attractive it it makes you feel more confident.

She also pointed out that it’s always better to tell the truth about any work you might have had done on your face, even if that does mean that some people will start calling you fake.






More Information About Christie Brinkley:


Genuine Name: Christie Lee Hudson

Birthday Celebration: February 2, 1954

Celebrity Indication: Aquarius

Birth Area: Monroe, Michigan, U.S.

Citizenship: American

Line of work: Actress, model, fashion designer

Total assets: $80 Million

Connection: Unidentified

Elevation: 5 ft 9 in / 175 cm

Weight: 141 lb / 64 kg

Breast/Bust size: 37 in / 94 cm

Waist size: 25 in / 64 cm

Hips size: 35 in / 89 cm

Bra size: 42C (US) / 95C (EU)

Footwear Dimension: 8 (United States).

All-natural Hair Shade: Blonde

Natural Eye Shade: Blue




Christie freely admits to getting help to make herself looking younger than her actual age. However she only ever mentions cosmetic procedures, not actual plastic surgery. But we do think that there is evidence that she had breast implants, as the size of here breasts in earlier photos is very different from what we have been seeing for the past two decades.


An image of Christie Brinkley


However some people claim to have witnessed Christie Brinkley and her daughter having surgery at the Lenox Hill Hospital. According to these sources, Christine got a facelift while her daughter had a nose job.


An image of Christie Brinkley


Only you can decide if you believe these rumors. We hope the before and after photos that we’ve shown you will help you come to your own conclusion.

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