It’s 100% true.

I discover Madison Beer very appealing and also it’s not just her voice.



This lady is absolutely magnificent yet there is something regarding her charm that seems a little bit abnormal. I can’t fairly clarify it.



So I’m presuming cosmetic surgery below.




Before and also After Photos



The only way to recognize the reality is by contrasting pictures.

Check it out.


Has Madison Beer had a nose job?



I really do envy her.

Madison has a beautiful nose so I would not be amazed if she had a nose job.



Yet if you look thoroughly at her earlier photo, her nose shape truly hasn’t changed much. You can see it from the bridge to the idea.



This is all the proof I need to claim nope.


Did Madison get lip injections?



Uncertain if you already know this, but Madison have really confessed to having lip injections on TikTok.

I do not recognize why she determined to come tidy. Maybe she really has no choice to refute it, especially with evidence similar to this?



Either way, this lady have actually earned my respect in regards to her honesty.


Did Madison have a boob job?



There are times when Madison Beer’s breasts look larger than common so I can recognize where all the boob job reports originate from. She has an excellent body!



Yet I think her boobs are genuine and she’s simply been using rise bra to boost her mug size. They don’t appear like implants, specifically in this outfit.



This is a trick that many girls use anyhow so I don’t criticize her.


What about botox?



It’s fantastic what makeup can do for a person and this is simply what I believe it is.



She’s still young and also doesn’t require to touch botox.



Year 2021



Final Thoughts



There isn’t really much to say regarding the vocalist.

I mean, she’s currently admitted concerning the lip fillers so I do not see any kind of reason for her to lie regarding the rest of her face being natural.



The reality is, there is no surgical proof to recommend or else.


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