Nikki Baby Transformation After Plastic Surgery – Before and After

Nikki Baby Transformation After Plastic Surgery – Before and After

The primary cast of the Love & Hip Jump: Hollywood (LAHHH), Nikki Mudarris has actually undertaken numerous plastic surgeries throughout her life. Additionally referred to as “Miss Nikki Child”, the American TV individuality has actually had numerous numbers of modifications in her body.

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Niykee Heaton Plastic Surgery, Boob Job, Nose & Lip Injections

Niykee Heaton Plastic Surgery, Boob Job, Nose & Lip Injections

She was born in Chicago and gains the fame on YouTube channel. She is professional model and singer as well as she creates the songs herself. The way she sings with acoustic guitar, won the hearts of million people and her bright performances are very popular and attended.

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Ana Cheri Plastic Surgery, Breast Implants, Nose Job, Lip Fillers

Ana Cheri Plastic Surgery, Breast Implants, Nose Job, Lip Fillers

Ana Cheri Plastic Surgery


If one thinks of an American hot gymaholic girl, he or she immediately has Ana Cheri on their mind. Ana Cheri Garcia is a fitness model who became popular thanks to her Instagram account and impressive and gorgeous body forms. Nowadays lots of striving models who crave about boosting their popularity, do it by means of their personal accounts or blogs in social networks and posting their attractive and revealing photos there. Some girls used their Internet popularity and built up a career in the fashion industry. Ana Cheri is one of the girls who used her popularity in social networks in order to become one of the famous models in America.


Ana Cheri Garcia was born on May 16th, 1986 in South California. She has Native American and Hispanic roots, of which her outstandingly beautiful facial traits speak. Since her early childhood she has been dreaming of becoming popular.

The model started her career from posting her pictures and fitness recommendations in the worldwide mobile network Instagram. Her Instagram account has become one of the most trending, and she got on the whole 10 million subscribers. Then she started receiving tempting offers in advertising for local California brands. After a while she became a popular model supporting national brands.


In October 2015 Ana’s fame boosted up at once after her photos were published in “Playmate Playboy” Magazine. After she appeared on the Playboy pages, she received more and more offers from the leading fashion houses. Some of the large companies who signed contracts with Ana Cheri for promoting their products were “K&N Filters”, “Moskova Underwear”, “Monster Energy”, and “Ultimate Armwrestling League”. She was also registered as a permanent brand ambassador of “Shredz Supplements”.

Being a brand ambassador of the company, she travels a lot all over the country, preaching motivational slogans about positive thinking, sexual self-awareness and compounds of inner harmony. Her goal is not just simple brand promotion. Using her popularity among the youth, she started turning her name into a marketing phenomenon.


Ana Cheri writes books, in which she describes various physical exercises and shares her fitness secrets. While men consider her a hot model, for women she is an inspirational person, whose free books they read at a gulp. The books are available for downloading on Ana Cheri’s website.

Ana Cheri has her own gym named “Be More Athletics” in Santa-Ana, California, and she is willing to widespread the fitness network all over the country. The good-

looking gymoholic has become an outstanding phenomenon for the American teenagers. It is not at all surprising, when one thinks of her body measurements: 97 – 63 – 92, her height being 174 cm, weight – 59.

Every day the gymoholic shares the results of her hard trainings in the form of posting pictures. In every photo Ana Cheri demonstrates her big bosom, flat abdomen, lifted buttocks and beautiful legs.



It can be also noted that Ana Cheri is a quite loose when posing for pictures. She poses for immodest photos without any hesitation. Not once pictures of naked Ana Cheri were published on pages of some scandalous magazines.

It is not surprising that Ana Cheri has been and still is a subject of discussions about her possible plastic surgery operations. Some of her admirers think she has done breasts and butt augmentations. Other people consider she has been doing some work on her face too. To be honest, to our mind, she is just an amazing looking girl with a flawless body, who does not pay attention to such rumors and prefers to stay focused on her main goal: improving her health, body and mind.


Ana’s Before and After Photos



Married to fitness instructor Ben Moreland, Ana often shares how she keeps her body fit and healthy through exercise. She even wrote an ebook that carefully detailed a fitness program.
But, is her appearance the result of hard work and discipline, or did she get help from plastic surgeons? Let’s do some analysis together.


Did Ana Cheri Have Nose Job?




To begin with, let us try and see if Ana Cheri has ever done nose plastic surgery. Ana’s admirers think that she has a perfect sized and shaped nose. It fits perfectly well to her other facial features. Looking through her older pictures, one can notice no great difference between how her nose appears in newer and older photos. The nose bridge sometimes appears thinner, of course, but this result can be achieved by right make up contouring.


Has Ana Cheri Had Lip Fillers?



It is a well-known fact that using lip fillers is a trend among the most Instagram models. However, is the question about Ana Cheri using lip injections can be proved as a true fact or not? When comparing her old pictures with the new ones, paying special attention to Ana’s lips form, one can notice that her lower lip looks the same. However, the upper lip looks fuller and plumper on more recent photographs. It may be the result of using lip fillers there. Nevertheless, nothing says for sure that Ana Cheri had ever used lip injections.


Ana Cheri lips before and after



Lip injection seems to be all the “rage” among Instagram models these days (Thanks Kylie!). Has Ana taken up the trend?
From what I can see, Ana’s bottom lip look identical in both images. Her top lip, however, appears to be a little plumper so I wouldn’t be surprised if she experimented with some fillers there. It definitely lifted her mouth shape in an alluring way if true.



Does Ana Cheri Have Breasts Implants?

One of the most discussed points about Ana Cheri’s appearance is the question if she had inserted breast implants or not. The reason for hot debates is that breasts shape and size hardly can be done only by means of fitness training. Therefore, some people consider that Ana’s breasts got at least one size bigger than it used to

be and that it is due to breast implants. Whether it is so or not, the fitness girl does not confirm, so we can only guess.




Has Ana Cheri Ever Made Buttock Augmentation?

As a girl with Latin American roots, it is quite typical that Ana Cheri has wider hips and butt size. If one looks at Ana’s older photos, he or she can note that her butt has increased in size since that time. However, her thighs remained of the same wider size. So, we can suppose that the Instagram star had never recourse to buttock augmentation. What we see on her pictures nowadays can be the result of her intensive every day training.



Ana Cheri Transformation


Has Ana always looked this hot? Let’s see how her face and body have changed over the years. This should give us a clearer perspective if plastic surgeries took place.



Ana in year 1999


Appearing in a photoshoot for a car magazine early in her career, Ana already had a proportional and very nice body with long legs that suited any types of modeling jobs. Notice the tattoo near her feet?



Ana in year 2010


Here is a photo of Cheri working as a lingerie model. She clearly had a smaller bust and bra size here. For some reason, her nose looks different too. Maybe it’s the camera angle or the black hair playing tricks with my eyes.
She didn’t have rhinoplasty, right?



Ana in year 2013


Ana shares one of her first pics on Instagram. She looks so pretty wearing those glasses. With minimal makeup, you can tell that this model is a natural beauty.



Ana in year 2014


Ana triggered rumors of breast implants after she posted photos like this online. Dressed as an anime character, Sailor Jupiter, the costume showed off her cleavage and bigger breasts which some fans agreed was the result of a breast enlargement procedure.
I love her hairstyle and the highlights here as it complemented her glowing skin so well.



Ana in year 2015


Getting on with fitness, Ana launched a workout and diet ebook this year. She said she trains regularly at the gym to maintain her hot body shape. Just look at those muscles and abs. This is definitely not the result of liposuction and muscular implants, but hours and hours of sweat.



She reportedly opened a new gym with her hubby, “Be More Athletics” in Santa Ana, California. So if you want to have a great body like Ana, then it might be the place to go!


Ana in year 2016


The gorgeous model shared this photo with visibly plumped lips. This had her followers debating whether she underwent lip injections as they literally became thicker overnight.
I couldn’t help but noticed her impeccably shaped brows too. Are those the courtesy of makeup or did she get eyebrow tattoo?



Ana in year 2017


This was the year Ana launched her clothing and swimwear brand. Looks like she won’t have a problem finding a model to represent her line. Those hip-hugging shorts featured her shapely bottom and thighs really nicely.



Ana in year 2018


report this adAt 32 years old, Ana looks like she hasn’t aged a day despite wearing a lot of makeup for work. What’s her anti-aging secret?
Apparently, she goes to California Cosmetics for regular facial treatments. And while she has a skincare regimen, I wonder if she’s ever gotten botox to combat wrinkles.



Ana in year 2019


Not sure if you notice but Ana seems to have gained a few pounds here. Perhaps she’s been slacking off on her training? It’ll be interesting to see if she’ll try liposuction in the near future.



More Info about Ana Cheri


Real Name: Ana Cheri Garcia
Birthday: 16th May 1986
Star Sign: Taurus
Birth Place: Anaheim, California, United States
Nationality: American
Race/ Ethnicity: Native American, Mexican, Latino, Caucasian
Occupation: Fashion Model, Fitness Model
Net Worth: $3.5 Million
Relationship: Married to Ben Moreland
Children: None
Height: 1.7 m (5 ft 7 in).
Weight: 59 kg (129 lb).
Body Measurement: 38-25-36 Inches.
Bra Size: 34D.
Dress Size: Unknown.
Shoe Size: 8 (US).
Natural Hair Color: Brown.



Ana Cheri Instagram


Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram


I like my Tacos Spicy! What about you?? 🌶🌮🔥 TAG a Friend!! #Latina #Mexican #Cabo #Spicy #TacoTuesday

Публикация от AnaCherí (@anacheri)


Watch Video with Ana Cheri






Some of her followers speculated that Ana had augmentations on her breasts and butt. It’s obvious that Ana’s nose has the perfect shape and size. From what I can see, Ana’s bottom lip look identical in both images. Has Ana always looked this hot? Getting on with fitness, Ana launched a workout and diet ebook this year.



Stay on site for latest exiting information.




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Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgeries

Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgeries

Jodie Sweetin is an American comedian actress, singer, dancer and a TV personality. She got famous after her role as Stephanie Tanner in the American TV series “Full House” which was popular during the 1980s and the middle 1990s. In this TV show her character had a catchphrase “How rude?” which Jodie’s fans want to hear from her even nowadays.

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Did Rihanna get plastic surgery, breast implants, boob job and hair?

Did Rihanna get plastic surgery, breast implants, boob job and hair?

Her voice can bewitch everyone: from students in high school to adult and experienced professionals. Rihanna has a tremendous timbre of voice and is able to bewitch and carry away any man in her dreams. This is not to take away from her and this is more than ever demanded in the music industry.

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Did Lady Gaga seek help from plastic surgery?

Did Lady Gaga seek help from plastic surgery?

The world-famous, popular singer and fashion designer, an icon of style and a fighter for justice, the multifaceted and talented Lady Gaga could not help but fall under the sight of journalists to see if she visits the plastic surgeon’s office. Of course, the singer looks amazing, but nevertheless, fans found oddities that should be considered more closely and we will definitely do it.

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Has Megan Fox Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Has Megan Fox Had Cosmetic Surgery?

This actress gives one of the best her roles in film Transformers. These blockbusters made a big deal of the female star’s gorgeous face and voluptuous body. People also speculated that Megan Fox plastic surgery had breast augmentation because her boobs appear too round and full for her body shape.

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Kylie Jenner, Before And After plastic surgery

Kylie Jenner, Before And After plastic surgery

Kylie Jenner is a real star, half-sister Kim Kardashian, known for her beautiful body structure and lush lips. These kind of features are warmly admired, but critics are not asleep and are looking for any way to find fault with the kind that Kylie has. Stars often encounter negatives from the public about how they relate to their body and allow them to do plastic surgery.

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Has Ivanka Trump Breast Implant and Plastic Surgery ?

Has Ivanka Trump Breast Implant and Plastic Surgery ?

Ivanka Trump is beautiful

Ivanka Trump is one of the most attractive and beautiful girls not only in America, but in the world. This status is ensured not only by the fact that Ivanka herself is a beautiful girl, but also by the fact that she is the daughter of the President of the United States – Donald Trump. Ivanka grew up in a businessman’s family and was brought up in strict conditions, where there were few such ordinary things as family picnics and trips to the zoo. Parents were often busy, and she received private education. It is not surprising that Ivanka is now engaged in his business, working as a fashion designer. As a child, she realized that she needed to match the reputation of the Trump family and be just as strict and powerful. With an irresistible beauty in her arsenal, she expected to receive a lot from this world. But is her beauty natural? Is there no place for surgical manipulations in her appearance? So, being such a media personality, Ivanka should just be the perfect girl.

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