Jodie Sweetin is an American comedian actress, singer, dancer and a TV personality. She got famous after her role as Stephanie Tanner in the American TV series “Full House” which was popular during the 1980s and the middle 1990s. In this TV show her character had a catchphrase “How rude?” which Jodie’s fans want to hear from her even nowadays.

Jodie became famous in her early childhood when she was just 5 years old. She started her career on TV with commercials. After that she got a role in a sitcom “Valerie”. Then she appeared in “Full House” where she performed till its end and in its sequel “Fuller House”.

Jodie Sweetin also featured in other TV series like “Can’t Get Arrested” and “The All-New Mickey Mouse Club”.  She starred in such films as “Singled Out” and “Defending Santa” and such shows as “Pants-Off Dance-Off” and “Dancing with the Stars”. The actress also took part in such flicks as “Redefining Love”, “Port City” and “Small Bits of Happiness”.

Many of the fans’ favourite theme to talk about is Jodie Sweetin plastic surgery. It is clear that she had done and used some surgical operations to change her looks in some way. About these facts concerning Jodie Sweetin plastic surgery jobs will tell this article.


Jodie Sweetin Early Ages

Jodie Swetin’s childhood was much more tough than anyone could imagine. She was born on January 19th, 1982. At the age of only nine months she was adopted by her uncle Sam Sweetin and his companion Janice, as her parents got arrested and went into jail. The adoption was only then legalized when she turned two years old because her father was for one-fourth Native American.

Many years later she confessed that she should hide the truth about her being adopted because then the authorities might have thought that she was forced into acting. During her school years she played in the musical theatre together with another famous actor Matthew Morrison.

No matter that she had success after starring in “Full House”, she had some difficulties in her teen age years connected with alcohol addiction and struggling through it. She had to confess though that she likes sharing her story because she managed to get to the other side of things, and she is just about the point where she is happy and completely satisfied with her life.

Jodie Sweetin breasts implants

People argue that there are many things that Jodie Sweetin has changed in her looks. However, the first thing that catches one’s eye is her breast development. As a result of this instant increase, people in media have exposed Jodie Sweetin in using breasts implants plastic surgery.

On her earlier pictures she had normal-sized breasts for her body, but over time they grew too big for her look. Though Jodie did not declare officially about her recourse to breast augmentation. The shape of her new breasts looks round and big as the inserted implants should look. One more insignificant proof that she had used plastic surgery is that her being a mother and that she seems not to have fallen breasts. That improvements can be achieved only by means of surgical intervention.

Jodie Sweetin Botox and Cheek Implants

Beside Jodie Sweetin breast job, there are also rumors about her using botox and cheek implants to create her present-day look devoid of wrinkles and forehead lines. Smooth and flawless cheeks are considered to be the result of botox injections and cheek implants.

She is one of those Hollywood stars who has been engaged into this profession since her early childhood. Dense make up has its effect on the face. Nevertheless, Jodie at her mid-thirties looks perfect. This all must be due to cosmetic surgeries and procedures which are popular among Hollywood stars.

The other thing which comes along with face botox against aging is using cheek impants, in which the actress is also suspected.

If we compare her cheeks on Jodie’s early photographs, we will see the difference: nowadays they seem to be slightly filled up. This is however the most controversial issue about the American actress’ plastic surgeries.

Some people approve of these changes in her looks, they consider it an improvement. However, there are some of her fans who think otherwise, namely that it doesn’t look natural and is exaggerated enough like her breasts.

Jodie Sweetin Lip Fillers

Everyone knows that appearance matters a lot for TV personalities. Again for this reason Jodie Sweetin is considered to have used lip fillers. People believe that the actress has now fuller lips than before when comparing her older photographs with present-day pictures.

Jodie Sweetin Personal Life

Jodie Sweetin was married three times. Her first wedding was in 2002, when she married an officer Shaun Holquin in Los Angeles, but the relationship lasted till 2006, and they divorced after four years of family life.

After this experience Jodie married her second husband Cody Herpin, cinematographic transportation coordinator in 2007. The couple was blessed with a daughter Zoie who was born in 2008. Nevertheless, Jodie and Cody parted in 2010.

Two years later after her second divorce, in 2012 Jodie married her third husband, actor Morty Coyle.

Inside this marriage the couple had also a daughter named Beatrix Carlyn Sweetin-Coyle. Again their married life soon came to its end and the actors split up in 2015.

A year later, in 2016 the American actress declared about her engagement with Justin Hodak, but announced their break up on March 24th, 2017 before sharing wedding vows.

Jodie Sweetin Painful Addiction 

Jodie Sweetin had two kinds of addictions in her younger ages: alcohol and drugs. She started consuming alcohol at the age of 14. Later she began using methamphetamines and ecstasy, explaining that the reason for it was her exhaustion.

During her marriage with her first husband, a police officer, Shaun Holquin she also used to take crystal methamphetamine, until she became addicted to the drugs. After her hospitalization three years later she decided to take up a rehabilitation program. Jodie Sweetin had to undergo an intensive treatment during six months, after which she was ready to get back to a sober and normal life. However, her addiction had its effect on her first marriage and for this reason Jodie and Shaun had to divorce.


More information about Jodie Sweetin:

Full Name:         Jodie Sweetin

Date of birth:     January 19, 1982

Age:                    37 years

Marital Status:  Divorced

Birthplace:         Los Angeles, California

Ethnicity:           White

Religion:             Christian

Profession:          Actress, Singer, Dancer

Active Year:        1987 – Present

Eye color:            Blue

Hair color:           Blond

Build:                   Slim

Nationality:         American

Father:                 Sam Sweetin

Mother:                Janice Sweetin

Ex-Husbands:    Shaun Holquin, Cody Herpin, Morty Coyle

Height:                  5 feet 6 inches

Weight:                 57 Kg

Education:            Los Alamitos High School, Chapman University

Online Presence:  No official website

Children:                2 daughters

Star Sign:                Capricorn

Body Measurement:     37-26-35 inches

Net Worth:                      $4 million



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