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Elizabeth Grant, the famous American singer and songwriter, more known under the name of Lana Del Rey, inherited her talent for music and art from her dad, who was fond of writing songs, and uncle, who taught Lizzy to play the guitar. The young girl who instantly managed to master the art of music, conquered the stage of some clubs and sang under different nicknames.


However, real glory came to her in 2011. Lana Del Rey’s retro styled songs and her hypnotic voice boosted up her popularity. The reason for admiring her art was that it was not devoid of certain style with concern for sad love and relationships at the centre of things.



Not only her music was admired, but also her charismatic and very pretty appearance. There were a lot of discussions and gossiping around the matter of Lana Del Rey plastic surgery. If she was granted with her beauty by nature or by surgical intervention, that’s what we will try to clear up in this article.


Lana Del Rey teen years



The life of the young singer was not from the very beginning such a fairytale. Elizabeth does not say much about her teen ages. Her father was an undertaker, and her mother was a teacher. Sometimes, she tells about her youth she spent in Trailer Park. From her earlier years she was fond of music and used to sing at the Church choir.

In one of her interviews she confessed that at her earlier ages she suffered from alcohol dependence. As a consequence, she had to undergo a course of treatment for alcoholism. Besides, she was expelled from college, and had to work as a waitress. At that time she also performed in Brooklyn night clubs.



If one looks through Lana Del Rey older pictures, it will be not so easy to recognize the elegant, sophisticated and refined lady as we know her nowadays. We will see a slim and pretty teenage girl dressed in unskilfully chosen clothes with blond shoulder-length hair, big beautiful and densely painted eyes.

Some of the singer’s admirers declare that she was much more attractive, flirtatious and charming than after the supposed plastic surgery.


Moreover, she now looks older than her real age. However, Lana herself seems to be completely satisfied with her appearance and denies any debates about her surgeries.


Lana Del Rey Albums



Lana Del Rey released her first album Born to Die, which was a real success, in 2012. The album got the second place on Billboard 200. The most popular songs

were Blue Jeans, Dark Paradise and Summertime Sadness, with the latter being the radio hit of that year.

Her second compiled work Paradise came out the same year. It included the songs Ride and Cola.



The next major work Ultraviolence was released in 2014, reached the first place on Billboard 200, and was certified platinum. It contained such atmospheric songs as Pretty When You Cry, Sad Girl and West Coast.

2015 was also marked by release of the album Honeymoon, which caused some critical reviews. Most prominent songs of this album are Music to Watch Boys To, and Art Deco.



2017 Lana Del Rey’s Album Lust for Life with such an atmospheric song like Love differed from the previous ones by the fact that some songs were recorded with guest singers The Weeknd, Stevie Nicks and Sean Ono Lennon.


Lana Del Rey Personal Life

When listening to Lana Del Rey’s songs, one can understand that such songs can be written by a person who really experienced love feelings and sad relationships. The singer dated with the rock musician Barrie-James O’Neil for three years from 2011 till 2014.



She was also in a relationship with her debut album producer Steven Mertens. In the media one can also find some information on the love story between Gerald Gillum (G-Eazy), however, this affair lasted only several months.

There are some rumors about her marriage as soon as she was seen with a ring on the wedding finger. The name of the lucky man, if the rumors are true, is still unknown.


Lip Filler Injections

What can be more evident and eye-catching in Lana Del Rey’s appearance as a sign she used cosmetic surgery than her well-formed, plump and full lips? This can be proved by watching her earlier photographs on which her lips didn’t look so provocatively sensitive. They looked quite «normal» and did not pout like they do nowadays.

This difference could not be left unnoticed by her numerous fans. This colossal change in her lips shape and volume could only be explained by the supposition that Lana had used infusing hydration fillers.



However, Lana herself denies any talks about her using lip fillers and says that she has never done anything of the kind. The rumors about Lana Del Rey lip filler the singer explains that she has plump lips from nature, and they only seem so full when she is singing.

Did Lana Del Rey use Botox?

Lana Del Rey’s probable botox job caused a lot of gossiping that it dramatically changed her appearance. Namely her cheeks which grew plumper became an object of disputations. Therefore, the young singer was again suspected in using fillers.



However, that is really a disputable issue. To some people’s opinion, her cheekbone area got more shaped due to the weight gain. Notwithstanding any changes in her looks, her fans, admirers and just ordinary onlookers consider that she always stays «young and beautiful», no matter if it is natural or not, if she gained weight or not.

What makes her even prettier is that she was glowing with confidence and radiant smile posing for the camera at some ceremonies and big events.

Did Lana Del Rey use Plastic Surgery on her Nose Contour?



The fact that Lana Del Rey nose contour has become thinner and looks much more subtle than before gives us basis to suspect her in appealing to plastic surgery. Some people believe that the cause of such changes in her nose shape is rhinoplasty.

Lana Del Rey plastic surgery nose job made some corrections of her nose contour, which looked broader and bigger before the supposed operation. In the eyes of the public the myth about Lana Del Rey rhinoplasty operation is certainly affirmed.



Even if the popular singer has ever made nose plastic surgery, there are enough persons who really think that was an absolutely unnecessary thing to do. According to their opinion, Lana Del Rey was granted a good-looking nose as well as other her facial features which do not require surgical intervention in order to make herself look better.

Besides, she is still at the blush of youth, that is why her plastic surgery jobs, if there are any, must remain for around twenty years. Nevertheless, she doesn’t seem to be a critical young lady to recourse to surgical interference for her nose and lips transformation.

Lana Del Rey Hair Color Evolution


It is obvious that Lana Del Rey managed to make her way to the desired fame through a great work on herself and her appearance. No doubt that beautiful facial traits, namely big magnetic eyes, full lips, a rather shy but charming smile, this all made her an object of admiration. But we cannot but mention her gorgeous hair which makes her look even more amazing.

As mentioned above, her natural hair color is blond. On her teen photographs she had rather short shoulder-length hair. However, when she got more and more popular in 2011, she had long light brown hair. She experimented with hair color quite a lot after that. In the list of her most stylish colors are blond, caramel brown, red and black. Lana also used hair coloration and highlighting.

As for the way she does her hair, almost all of the looks matched to the vintage, retro style. In most cases Lana wears her hair long, loose, wavy, combs fringe part back or elegantly fastens smooth hair into a tail.

That lovely natural smile

Obviously her teeth were not subject to any serious dental corrections like veneers or braces. They seem to always have been perfectly aligned and straight. One can admit that even at the time when there were some rumors about lip fillers, she already had a charming smile.

Has Lana Del Rey inserted breast implants?

That’s the question which arises public interest. However, the answer to that question can be: highly doubtful. If one looked through some of the singer’s «before and after plastic surgery» pictures, they would not find any proofs that she had done it. This cannot be confirmed or judged in a negative way by her earlier and later photographs.



Nevertheless, there are some individuals who consider that she had her bosom surgically developed as she applied for plastic surgery in strive for perfection, but it’s not the case. As soon as such gossips reached Lana Del Rey at the stage, she simply kept delicate silence. She did not give any comments to it.















No one knows what could be her next step in the direction of physical form improvement. Though Lana Del Rey is at such a young age, she can have difficulties with determining the measure point where she’d better cease to do any plastic surgery to her face and body. And probably her next operation would be exactly bosom development by means of breast implants insertion.




Lana Del Rey Instagram



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More information about Lana Del Rey:

Full Name: Elizabeth Woolridge Grant

Date of birth: June 21, 1985

Age: 34 years

Nickname: Lana Del Rey

Marital Status: Not married

Birthplace: New York City

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Christian

Profession: Singer, Songwriter

Active Year: 2011- Present

Eye color: Hazel

Hair color: Blond

Build: Slim

Nationality: American

Father: Robert England Grant

Mother: Patricia Ann Hill

Siblings: Caroline Grant and Charlie Hill-Grant

Ex-Boyfriends: Barrie-James O’Neil, Steven Mertens, Gerald Gillum (G-Easy)

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Weight: 61 Kg

Education: Kent School, Fordham University

Online Presence:

Children: No

Star Sign: Gemini

Body Measurement: 34-26-34 inches

Net Worth: $14 million


Tattoos & Their Meaning

The ‘Dark Paradise’ singer Lana Del Rey has inked a total of 8 tattoos on her body which are given below:

Whitney Amy’ on Right Collar Bone
Lana who has a net worth of $14 million has a writing inked on her right collar. The writing reads ‘Whitney Amy’ in cursive handwriting and light ink. The motive of this tattoo is to pay tribute to the inspirational legends of Lana ‘Whitney Houston’ and ‘Amy Winehouse’.

‘Nabokov Whitman’ on Right Forearm
Del Rey has another tattoo inked on right forearm that reads ‘Nabokov Whitman’. It is basically the names of the favorite authors of the singer; ‘Vladimir Nabokov’ and ‘Walt Whitman’ written in a light and cursive writing. According to her, whenever she looks at the writing, she remembers that life can be great.

‘Alphabet M’ on Left Hand
The Ex-girlfriend of James Franco has inked an alphabet’M’ in a cursive writing on her left hand. She had the tatt in order to remember her late grandmother, Madeliene.

‘Paradise’ on Left Hand
Lana has the word ‘Paradise’ written on her left hand with the help of ink. The meaning of the tattoo is that the singer thinks that death and paradise are inked for her and expects something very calm and relaxing to happen after her death. You ‘d be surprised to know that Adele also has a tattoo on the same spot of her left hand that says ‘Paradise’ too but she didn’t intend to copy Lana.

‘Nina Billie’ on Left Collar Bone
Patricia Ann Hill’s daughter has another writing encrypted on her left collar bone that reads ‘Nina Billie’. The sole motive of the tattoo is to pay tribute to two of the favorite singers; Nina Simone and Billie Holiday.

‘Die Young’ on Right Ring Finger
On the ring finger of the right hand, the eminent star has inked ‘Die Young’ in a fine cursive handwriting. The meaning of it is pretty clear, she doesn’t want to die old.

‘Chateau Marmont’ on Left Forearm
The sister of two has also inked the words ‘Chateau Marmont’ on her left forearm because it is the favorite place of her in the planet located in Los Angeles and is her second home.

‘Trust no one’ on Right Hand
The writing ‘Trust no one’ is inked on the right hand of the ‘Women of the Year’ award winner. As she has been in a total of 12 relationships till date, she probably doesn’t want to trust men and lost faith in them.

Lana who has a net worth of $14 million has a writing inked on her right collar. The writing reads ‘Whitney Amy’ in cursive handwriting and light ink. Del Rey has another tattoo inked on right forearm that reads ‘Nabokov Whitman’. Lana has the word ‘Paradise’ written on her left hand with the help of ink. The meaning of the tattoo is that the singer thinks that death and paradise are inked for her and expects something very calm and relaxing to happen after her death.


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