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Her voice can bewitch everyone: from students in high school to adult and experienced professionals. Rihanna has a tremendous timbre of voice and is able to bewitch and carry away any man in her dreams. This is not to take away from her and this is more than ever demanded in the music industry.


She grew up in a very unfavorable atmosphere, where there were quarrels in the family and financial problems. The family had many children, and it was difficult for the parents to attend to absolutely every child. But now Rihanna is a self-sufficient artist, who is in demand in many venues, acts in film, is engaged in charity and is a trendsetter.



“Replay” – this song Rihanna stunned many music critics, forcing to put this black singer on a par with many well-known pop divas. Rihanna has nine Grammy awards, several American Association awards, and four Guinness records. And to all this, add to stay in the list of the most influential people of Forbes, where she was in the period from 2012 to 2018.




Rihanna and her first success (1999)

But where was Rihanna before her success. Could she not fall from the moon to the earth already so famous and beautiful?



Her parents filed for divorce when she was fourteen years old. The reason was the father’s dependence on drugs. After all, the father constantly arranged scandals and problems in the family, from which the nervous state of all family members was extremely negative. But family problems in some cases temper character. And by the way Rihanna’s career develops, she learned the right lessons from her childhood and made an amazing career.



Rihanna’s musical preferences were limited to reggae style, which was very popular in Barbados.

Rihanna songs 2003

Already in 2003 she founded a small group, where she performed as a vocalist. Her first musical steps were incredibly successful and her group was well in demand and Rihanna had some kind of profit. Of course, her talent could not be ignored, and such a potential star was certainly noticed. Once it was noticed by producer Evan Rogers and offered to record a couple of songs.



Then these records were heard by Jay Z, who invited the singer to audition, and after that he signed a contract with Rihanna on the label. And then she continued to write hits. And such a hit as Pon de Rapay even reached the first place in the Bilboard Hot 100 in America.



It was more than enough for Rihanna to be recognized as a successful singer. This singer deserves to be included in the list of the most influential women in the world. Not everybody has such a background in his youth. And what will be waiting for us ahead, we’ll see. Even the idol of Rihanna Madonna can envy a little the success of a young native of Barbados.


Incident with her boyfriend Chris Brown (2009)



In 2009, a well-known incident occurred. He was associated with the fact that Chris Brown, who at the time was Rihanna’s boyfriend, beat her or performed some kind of domestic violence. Because of this, the Grammy Award ceremony had to be canceled, where Rihanna was supposed to perform. He was arrested shortly thereafter, and the court ordered Chris not to approach Rihanna. This incident has stirred up the music industry and has long been covered in the media.


2010 Love the Way You Lie



In 2010, Rihanna makes an awesome game. Rihanna decided to record a joint thing with Eminem, and their song “Love the Way You Lie” became the fruit of their work. This song quickly became a hit and ranked first in the charts in many countries. In 2010, she released her fifth album «Loud». As guest stars here are Drake, Nicky Minaj, Britney Spears. And the single “Only Girl” was commended by critics and Rihanna received a Grammy for this track.



Experience in the film industry

Next Rihanna gets his experience in the film industry. In particular, she receives the role of an officer in the film “Sea Battle”. This film was released in May 2012. But film critics left a cool impression.



Rihanna Diamonds



We can say that the experience of shooting in a movie with Rihanna failed, but this does not detract from its merits. Perhaps the director has not yet been found for her who will reveal her acting potential to its fullest and we will see an amazing story told from the screen of the inimitable Rihanna. Unapologetic became her seventh album. He immediately took first place in the chart, and the single «Diamonds» was warmly welcomed in many countries, taking the lead in the music charts.




Did She Have Forehead Reduction Surgical Treatment?


Rihanna’s huge forehead
It is known that the singer’ s forehead is big and appears like there are implants inside. We discovered that it has resembled that considering that she was a little lady. There was also a guess that she has gone through the treatment of a forehead decrease, we stopped working to discover any evidence for that.

So, we can state that there was NO surgical treatment of that kind.


What About Her Hairline?


Rihanna's Hairline

Rihanna’s Hairline

This part of her body has been attracting attention for several years since sometimes it seemed that Rihanna was losing hair that resulted in the thinning spots that you can see on the Prior to pictures.

If taking a look at the After photos, you will see that the hair seems to have grown back around that hairline. This might prove that she has actually had some type of hairline surgery. It might be a hair transplantation treatment to make her hair grow and cover that location. What is your viewpoint?


Does Rihanna Have Eye Color Surgery?


Rihanna's Eye Color

Rihanna’s Eye Color

Rihanna’s eyes are that feature that instantly attracts attention and mesmerizes you. This is due to the fact that she has lovely green hazel eyes that are not common for black individuals. This is something really uncommon.

And this is why numerous suppose that has had an eye color surgery in order to change the true colour.

The truth is that they are not fake! This is her natural eye colour. Yes, this extraordinary beauty has actually always been there.


How real are Rihanna Breast Implants? (2010)

But what really interests us is how the chest of Rihanna has changed since the beginning of her career until today. What we see on TV screens and in popular magazines. Because some sources claim that there are some changes in the appearance of Rihanna boobs.


Rihanna has a very attractive body. Her figure is gorgeous and fascinating for many men. Was she born with such a disposition to good shape, did she attend the gymnasium, or was it the merit of surgical operations? We do not know.


And Rihanna boobs look as attractive as ever. Someone may say that they are inferior in size to many other stars of the music Olympus, but in combination with an impressive figure and external harmony, Rihanna has almost no flaws. Like the Amazon from the islands of Barbados, she confidently looks into the cameras and in her eyes can not be traced shame or inconvenience.



Look at her early photos: her chest looks like a pair of small oranges. Whereas in the later photos we already see at least two coconut nuts hiding under her bra. Secrets that are hidden from the eyes, no doubt. Her ardent fans also believe that they are looking for an answer to this exciting question in all ways. Is it really the fault of Rihanna implants? Rihanna surgery could cause such visual changes in the breast, as the singer’s fans claim.



Did she make her hair better? (2012)

And what can be assumed? That Rihanna might be displeased with herself. Of course, nobody canceled the standards of fashion, but looking peculiar and individually is much better, and Riri does it almost the best. Still, there are suspicions of small operations to change a particular part of the body. That nose now looks a little different than we see in the early shots.



But in these photos we can observe how the position of Rihanna’s nose has changed. In the first photo, he was not too even, but on the second his nose had already acquired clear outlines and a smooth bridge. In this connection, her face has become more elegant and neat. Here, forgive the pun, there are signs of Rihanna surgery to change the shape of the nose. Also, we can not ignore the slightly modified line of hair. In the early photos and in the fresh photos you can see the differences regarding how the hair grows on the forehead line and temples.



This can only be explained by surgical intervention. However, such a change looks strained, and only a truly crazy fan would be able to calculate such a change in appearance, but still such a story has arisen. A seasoned character from childhood who did not play with colors, an amazing figure, not spoiled by poor-quality products, the look of the Amazon – this, and more, makes Rihanna beloved in many countries. In her concerts, where she laid out one hundred percent and sings live, go thousands.



The breast of Rihanna (2014)





But behind this perfectionism there may be several other problems. For example, a small complex about a small chest. From here and possibility of plastic surgery of boobs of Rihanna. The singer remains a product of the music industry and the need for some changes in appearance can be dictated by contractual obligations with some labels.




Although Rihanna is already so popular and brings a huge income to her producers, no one excludes the possibility that someone could advise the singer to make a plastic of the chest, nose or hair. Changing your body leads to some changes in your psychology. Rihanna does an excellent job with her appearance and takes herself for what she is.




In conclusion, we can say that Rihanna is an amazing woman: she is very rich, looks gorgeous, many housewives of the planet envy her figure, and she is a sophisticated perfectionist. Everything she does must be perfect. Here we have a small investigation about the surgical intervention regarding Rihanna. If you find new tracks or just want to give your opinion, let us know. After all, Rihanna is still young and will appear on the screens and concert venues. Therefore, it will be easier to notice plastic Rihanna surgery. Good luck to everyone!



More information about Rihanna:

Full Name:          Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Date of birth:     February 20, 1988

Age:                       29 Years

Nickname:          Riri

Marital Status:   Unmarried

Birthplace:           St. Michael, Barbados

Ethnicity:             White

Religion:              Christian

Profession:          Singer, Songwriter, Actress

Active Year:         2003- Present

Eye color:            Green

Hair color:           Black

Build:                   Slim

Nationality:        Barbadian

Father:                 Ronald Fenty

Mother:              Monica Braithwaite

Siblings:               Rorrey and Rajad Fenty

Boyfriend:          Chris Brown, Drake, Matt Kemp

Height:                5 feet 8 inches

Weight:               56 Kg

Education:          Combermere High School

Online Presence:  

Children:                          No

Sun Sign:                         Pisces

Body Measurement:     34-24-36 inches

Net Worth:                      $160 million

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