Jungkook, whose genuine name is Jeon Jung-kook, belongs to the South Korean boyband feeling BTS. The youngest among 7 males, he is called the group’s “gold maknae,” which converts to the youngest, as well as some claim, the cutest.

The singer, that is currently 23 years of ages, is the band’s primary singer. The group’s women fans are generally attracted to him on stage due to his significant dance abilities and also good appearances.

But like many celebrities, Jungkook has actually been rumored to have had cosmetic surgery. A part of the general public thinks that he looks very different today contrasted to his launching as a music musician over five years earlier.



I’m not sold on these conjectures simply yet because Jungkook was only 15 or 16 at the time. I believe his body and overall physical appearance was still changing. Then again, cosmetic enhancements are so typical amongst South Korean celebs also at a younger age.



Before & After Photos



Currently, if I go through this BTS celebrity’s before and also after photos, I might locate some responses about his alleged treatments.


Did Jungkook get double eyelids?



Eastern stars are usually guessed to get dual eyelids surgical treatment to enhance the shape of their eyes. A confront with a monolid may appear to be doing not have in expression, which is why this is a preferred treatment amongst Koreans with small eyes.

However I do not think Jungkook got this procedure based upon these contrast photos. For me, his eyes didn’t change all that much regardless of expanding a bit older. I can plainly see his double covers as a kid of maybe 9 or 10.


Has he had a nose job?



I don’t think Jungkook obtained his nose done considering that they both look very similar right here. He in fact had a pretty huge nose as a kid and also it obtained smaller as he developed. The form and size still look the same.

It’s evident that make-up as well as contouring have aided too. As an entertainer, I’m sure his makeup musician has a few methods to help him out.


Did Jungkook have face surgery?



I think the change in his face form is not the outcome of a jawline surgery. Jungkook is merely losing the baby fat as he passed his the age of puberty phase. The vocalist currently looks more manly with his slimmer jaws.


There were no indications of any cosmetic alterations on his chin either so total, his face has actually been just a natural transformation.


He has the ideal teeth



Isn’t this the cutest smile?

I assume Jungkook looked after his teeth fairly well as a child and that offered him the remarkable superstar smile today. At best, he could have had dental braces at an also younger age but certainly no veneers.


He does not require it.


Jungkook: Then and Now



Sure, Jungkook is normally talented with good-looking face functions however how much has his look changed for many years? Allow’s see his makeover below.




As a little kid, Jungkook was already quite attractive. You can most definitely see his potential to sweep girls’ feet one day.

Lucky genetics, I presume?


Early institution days



As a school child, Jungkook had not been exactly a standout but he had not been awkward-looking either. Every person undergoes this awkward stage as a kid but I don’t assume he did.


Year 2012: Pre-debut


Before his debut as an artist, Jungkook obtained dancing training in Los Angeles. I claim he’s rather a confident youngster as well as it shows in his smile. This is the face of a child ready for stardom.


Year 2013: BTS debut



Jungkook debuted on BTS with the launch of the single “2 Cook 4 Skool.” He sported a trendier hairstyle and also still maintained the single jewelry It’s simple to see why girls swoon when they see him.


Year 2015: He likes earrings



Jungkook and his pals from BTS awakened the fans at the KBS Song Festival Red Carpet. To some individuals, this new “earrings on both ears” look may be also feminine but I assume it looks quite amazing.

I know he used eye liner but did he have pink lipstick on also?


Year 2017: The glasses look



Jungkook keeps the same hairstyle length all these years but for this look, he went with a lighter brownish color and with a touch of purple.

The rounded glasses also went well with the form of his face. This boy has a great stylist on his team!


Year 2018: Red pink hair


Jungkook chose red anime hair when BTS performed at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. This hair color really fit him.


Year 2019: Keeping it formal


At the Seoul Music Awards, Jungkook walked the red carpet in a dignified tuxedo. He kept his hairdo simple. The jewelry, nonetheless, still say– “I’m a Kpop super star!”


Year 2020



Year 2021






Regardless of what has actually been said or hypothesized about Jungkook’s appearance, I do not think he had plastic surgery. His change has actually been a natural process and has actually only been boosted with make-up.

This kid’s obtained the whole bundle in the appearance department and also is just one of the reasons why countless fans are shouting for him!


More info about Jungkook



Actual Name: Jeon Jeong-guk


Korean Name: 전정국


Birthday: 1 September 1997


Star Sign: Virgo


Birth Place: Mandeok-dong, Busan, South Korea


Nationality: South Korean


Race/ Ethnicity: Korean


Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Rapper


Net Worth: $8 Million

Relationship: Unknown

Youngsters: None

Height: 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in).

Weight: 70 kg (154 pounds).

Footwear Size: 9 (United States).

Natural Hair Color: Black.



Natural Eye Color: Dark Brown.


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