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Julie Bowen is an American actress who is known for starring in such movies and TV series as Happy Gilmore, Boston Legal and Lost. For her outstanding roles Jodie Bowen won several Emmy Awards. Her full name is Julie Bowen Luetkemeyer. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland, the USA on March 3rd, 1970. She is the middle child among three Luetkemeyer daughters – Molly and Annie. Her parents, John Alexander Luetkemeyer and Suzanne Frey, were high society people. The actress’ father was engaged in commercial property construction.



Why does she need plastic surgeries?

Julie Bowen plastic surgeries have become a highly discussed issue among the celebrity’s fans. The Hollywood movies admirers point Julie Bowen out among many other comedian actresses, underlining the rare combination of genuine beauty, vintage look and sense of humour.


However, people noticed some changes in her appearance. Was this slight transformation due to surgical intervention or not, let us clear it up once and for all. If the actress had done it, then there is another question: why did Julie Bowen undergo plastic surgery? What is true from all the rumours about Julie Bowen boobs job, facelift and nose job? It is evident that some of the operations were really made, as the actress herself confessed. For example, she declared that she used laser technologies for tightening her skin and avoiding wrinkles.

Julie Bowen Facelift and Nose Job


Julie Bowen is 49 years old. And as any other popular actress in her age, she strives to stay as young as possible. If one watches her earlier and later pictures, it will be clear for them that there are certain changes in her facial look. To be more precise, one can refer to her face form, shape of her nose and the minimum amount of wrinkles for the lady of her age.

As for her face form, Julie had to admit that she once tried to correct her face look. She was open when admitting it to the public because it is kind of a norm for a female actress of her age to use definite cosmetologists’ services, namely the procedure of laser operation to harden face skin.

People notice that her nose shape has become thinner and well-set, suiting to her beautiful face and making it more attractive. However, no one knows for sure whether any nose correction jobs have really been done.

At the same time, some of Julie’s fans assume that she might have done some Botox injections. The smoothness of the area around her eyes and her brows can serve as proofs to that. For a woman in her late forties she has an unusually smooth and even forehead. More than that, she even has no hint at goose feet at the external corner of her eyes which is considered to be one of the most widespread human aging features.

Julie Bowen’s breasts job

Julie Bowen also failed to avoid gossiping about her breasts job. Everything started with rumours about her enhanced breasts line, and these gossips have not still faded away. Actually, the talks about breast plastic surgery have been following up Julie all over her acting career. Some people are aware of the fact that two independent plastic surgeons had examined her swimsuit pictures and made their unanimous conclusion: it has taken place. However, there are no proofs to that.

Julie Bowen breast implants

As we have already mentioned, there was some investigations whether Julie Bowen has done her breasts or not. Returning to the two plastic surgeons who examined her before and after pictures, we can assume that there might be some surgical intervention because we see the difference in her breast size on her previous and later photographs.

Moreover, she is a mother to three children, and to some people’s opinion, she has very beautiful and well-formed breasts for a mother with many children. It is a usual thing that breast form changes as a consequence of maternity and breast feeding. However, nobody can say for sure that the breast surgery took place in this case, even if it did, certain specialists say that it was perfectly and very professionally done.

It does not matter whether Julie Bowen has ever done plastic surgery or not, she looks perfect for a mother of three. The result is all the same one: she looks appealing for a woman of her age.

Julie Bowen Early Life Story

The outstanding American actress came into the world on March 3rd, 1970. The members of her family were not anyhow close to cinematography and art in general. He father was engaged in real estate business and her mother devoted all her time to bringing up Julie and her older sister.

The young lady’s family has done their best to give the best education for their daughter. In her early ages Julie studied in a prestigious private school. After finishing school, she entered the Brown University. The future actress graduated from this university with a diploma in the arts. Having graduated from the famous high education institution, she made her way to Florence, Italy, where she mastered the Italian language and studied the Renaissance art masterpieces.

Julie Bowen Debut


In 1992 Julie Bowen returned to the USA. At this very time her acting career started. She took part in shooting Five Spot Jewel which became the debut work for the beginner actress. Later on she appeared in several other sitcoms and TV series which were broadcast on popular American channels. The young actress also took the supporting roles from time to time, boosting up her popularity, not letting the public forget about her.



In 1995 Julie Bowen received the leading role in the series called Extreme. However, the series did not gain enough success among the public and was rounded up. Later on, she continued to star in some American sitcoms. The exception is the movie Happy Gilmore.

Julie Bowen Personal Life



In September 2004 Julie Bowen Luetkemeyer cast her lot with a successful American businessman Scott Phillips who made a fortune by means of the investment into real estate property. Three years later the happy couple had given birth to their wonderful firstborn Oliver. Nowadays Julie and Scott are happy parents of three lovely boys.



After their first son Oliver, Gustav and John were born. Soon after she became a mother, she made a break in her acting career and was engaged in raising children. However, she declared that she was not planning to retire from her profession; on the contrary, she stated that she would come back to shootings as soon as children would grow up and she would be fit enough for the work.



Nevertheless, all of a sudden the Modern Family actress filed for divorce with her husband and declared December 17th, 2017 to be the date of their separation. The media informed that it was a difficult period of life for Julie. And it is not surprising, because the couple lived a happy family life for thirteen years. It is very notable that in the Modern Family series Julie Bowen played a woman who was married with a real estate property manager, who also divorced after thirteen years of marriage.

















More information about Julie Bowen:

Full Name: Julie Bowen Luetkemeyer

Date of birth: March 3rd, 1970

Age: 49 years

Marital Status: Divorced

Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland, the USA

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Christian

Profession: Actress

Active Year: 1992 – Present

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Blond

Build: Slim

Nationality: American

Father: John Alexander Luetkemeyer, Jr.

Mother: Suzanne Frey

Siblings: Molly and Annie Leutkemeyer

Ex-Husband: Scott Phillips

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: 52 Kg

Education: Calvert School, Garrison Forest School, Roland Park Country School, St. George’s School in Newport, Brown University

Online Presence:

Children: 3 sons (Oliver, Gustav and John)

Star Sign: Pisces

Body Measurement: 34-23-34 inches

Net Worth: $18 million

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