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Emma Watson is a very beautiful and attractive woman in а film industry. She became successful after “Harry Potter”. She was a little girl in this film. Now she is one of the paid actress. But many people have noticed some changes in her appearance. And they start to think, may be Emma Watson had some face and body alteration?



Before & After



If we want to ask on this question we should look to Emma Watson beforе and after. First of all, the most conspicuous details in her appearance, that has changed, it’s her nose.



If you look at her nose, you will notice the absence of a small hump ther. Such an effect can only be done with rhinoplasty. Emma Watson nose became more trim. And we can see, that nose tip and nasal bridge appear thick, than five years ago.



Like her heroine, Emma Watson was distinguished by her teeth. If we have looked at her teeth in childhood, we would be noticed some problems. Its were slightly uneven and some teeth were very sharp. Emma corrected this problem with the help of dentists. Now she has a wonderful smile. Her teeth are even and very white.



Emma Watson was not much discussed among fans, but nonetheless. Some are sure that Emma Watson boobs have become much more than its were. Although, in our opinion, this is not so. Emma Watson breast look very beautiful. She may have a breast fone, but didn’t increase it. Emma Watson’s boobs are attractive. Snd in your opinion Emma Watson breast implants is only myth.



Emma’s Beauty Transformation

Let’s see how Emma’s appearance have changed. And as Emma has become one of the most popular and attractive women.


In early days

Emma was born in France. Her parents hve been living there for many years. When parents have divorced, mother took Emma and came back to England. In childhood she had got fair hair.



In 1999 she started to cast and won the role of Hermoine Granger in Harry Potter. The colour of her hair changed. Emma had got freckles on face. She was pretty with them.



After the debut of Harry Potter, Emma became famous. People began to recognize her everywhere. In 2001, she won the “Young Artist Award”. On the screen, everybody could see her talented and great future. At this time, Emma is still a little girl with thick eyebrows and sharp jawline.



In 2005, a new film “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” is released. And again a resounding success. To fix her teeth, Emma wore braces for beautiful smile.



2009 was very successful for Emma. She earned 9 million. The sixth film of Harry Potter also came out. Emma bathed in the glory. In the screen we can see that she was more thinner. Watson had not big breasts. What is the difference between what kind of breast was and it then have became.



In 2011 Emma went to ELLE Style Award Show in London. She had got short hairstyle. She gained a weight, but it wasn’t spoil her. Emma was very beautiful.



“The Perks of Being a Wallflower” came out in 2013. Emma Watson went to premier. Everybody noticed her beautiful smile. She had got bob hair updo and pyramid earrings.



Emma looked great at the 2015 Oscars Red Carpet. She was very elegant and attractive. We can see, that Emma Watson’s boobs size larger. May be she had push up bra,who is know? Emma had delicate figure and her dress looked wonderful.



Some changes in her appearance have appeared in 2016 at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner Night. Nose tip and nasal bridge appeared thick. And people started to think, that Emma made rhinoplasty.



Emma Watson took part in film “Beauty and the Beast”. This film was for her. Emma was liked to Belle. She looked so innocent and natural. Emma Watson’s boobs were normal size.



Emma was very skinny at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills. Somebody told, that Emma have got botox in lips. We don’t think so, because her lips thin and look natural.



More Information About Emma Watson

What can we tell about Emma Watson? Her real name is Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson. Emma was born on the 15th of April 1990 in Paris. Her star sign is Aries. She is an actress and a model. Her favourite animals is horse.



Emma is single and she doesn’t have children. Her net worth is 70 millions. Emma’s weight is 50 kg and her height is 1.65 m.



She like going to the theatre. Emma Watson has got brown eyes and brown hair. Her bra size is 32 B, dress size is 6 and shoe size is 7.



She got the role in a film, when she was 9 years old. Emma became very popular with help Harry Potter. After this film she took part in another movies.



Actress wants, that women are free and nobody tell them, what they should to do. Emma is very talented, smart and beautiful woman in film industry.



Moreover, she does charity work and advocates for women’s rights.




Why Emma was chosen in film “Beauty and the Beast”? It happened because she is beautiful and talanted. May be somebody thinks, that she have made rhinoplasty. May be it so, but it’s not necessary.



If it was, plastic surgeon has done a remarkable job because it doesn’t look unnatural. Emma Watson boob look natural and we don’ think, that plastic surgeon made it. Emma Watson bob job is myth. More necessary, that Emma Watson is one of the top paud actress and beautiful woman.



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