She was born in Chicago and gains the fame on YouTube channel. She is professional model and singer as well as she creates the songs herself. The way she sings with acoustic guitar, won the hearts of million people and her bright performances are very popular and attended.


She doesn’t have professional musical education but that didn’t influence on her success. She is basically self-made musician and her song “Bad Intentions” was in Top 10 chart of iTunes. Her style is sexy and liberated, she’s not shy to show her shapely body on the scene. And there is something to show. She easily shakes her taut butt in musical videos.





But she uses her body not only on a musical performance but as a model too. She is quite comfortable to take clothes off and show her fascinating body.



As the popularity of Niykee was growing the more and more rumors regarding cosmetic and plastic surgeries appeared. We have to understand that this world of entertainment is very competitive and visual appealing is just a need to be on top.





But people are very strict in their judgments in respect to beauty. Everyone prefers a real, natural beauty. Despite of her talent as a singer, in respect to Niykee, people talk about her big breast, cosmetic procedures, she did, and of course butt lifts.


Before & After Photos

In order to find evidence to prove that Niykee Heaton has had cosmetic surgeries, we have gone through some of her past and present photos. We’ll study her nose, her face, her breasts and butt in sequence.


Did She Get A Nose Job?





Most likely that Niykee didn’t do anything to her nose. Precisely looking and her old and new photos, we can see o changes. Her nose size and shape stay the same. Thanks to the wonders of makeup and shadows in the photos it may seem that the nose looks a little different, but most likely she didn’t do any significant procedures, like rhinoplasty. And I definitely may tell that her nose is natural.

Did she increase her breasts with implants?





In my opinion, Niykee Heaton boobs look very different. On her “before” photo they are noticeably smaller than on “after” photo. Seems she had a B size before that turned into D size after. And also given her bra on photos we can be sure that this is not bra push-up effect.

Despite the fact that she has never confirmed breast augmentation, judging by the photos we can safely say that she performed the procedure. And I don’t see anything terrible about it. To be a professional model and maintain popularity in Instagram, this is just a must. Men like big breasts and this increases the number of her followers. So I fully understand why she did the procedure.





What about butt lift?

Her butt looks amazing, even on an old photo. It’s not flat at all, pretty good shape and decent size. But what is normal? Everything is relative. Probably normal for a regular woman, but if you are model and do the quite sexy performance on stage this can be not enough. Looking and photos, most probably she did some enhancements, like butt lift.





And it works. Look at her sexy figure! Everything is harmonious: Niykee Heaton boobs and large butt are very attractive. We must admit that her plastic surgeon has executed these procedures to perfection! And her decisions to upgrade were also right!


Does Niykee Heaton Have Lip Fillers?

Who of famous people is the standard of sexuality lips? I guess Angelina Jolie! And if Niykee was not the owner of such juicy lips like Jolie, some lips injections will quickly improve it.




Her lips seem very similar to each other in “after” photo. Upper and lower are almost the same size. But in the “before” picture the upper lip is much thinner than lower. And the difference is obvious. It means that there are some injections to upper lip. But in any case her lips are delightful.


Niykee’s Beauty Transformation over last 8 years

Year 2011

She started as you-tune blogger in high-school. She played the guitar and recorded her songs. In order to increase number of followers she mainly did covers. Sometimes she uploaded her own songs.





It’s quite obvious that she didn’t do any cosmetic improvements at that time. She already looked very attractive. And most probably she already understood her potential to stage as a sexy star.

Year 2012

This year she posted the cover song “Love Sofa”. This video became one of the most popular in her YouTube channel. And the reason is not only because of her talent.





Simple beauty – that is most sexy. She looks very attractive in this basic t-shirt. And in contrast her blonde hair. This is exactly the opposite how Hollywood’s stars basically looks. No bright makeup, no shiny clothes, etc.


Year 2014





In this photo Niykee looks very unattractive. It could be bad shot or wrong angle but anyway her nose looks bigger and photo underlines hard square jawline. But at the same time we still can’t notice any external signs of cosmetic procedures.

Year in 2015

Niykee here is completely different from the previous photo. First of all she definitely did some changes to her lips. It can be lips injections or botox but now they are much juicier. And overall she looks significantly fresher.





Year 2016

Here is one of her music performances. And quite a new style. She looks like a rock star in this Iron Maiden shirt. It’s probably her experiments in shaping her own style but anyway there are no signs of sexuality.





Year 2018

I think 2018 was a year when finally decide who is she. And sexual and relaxed style has won. Now she appeared with her new breast. She did a boob job for sure. And she focused everyone’s attention by wearing most tight-fitting top. Buts as for me Niykee Heaton boobs after augmentations procedure, looks unnatural and her face is older than it should be. Probably she should think about face surgeries and procedures.





Year 2019

And again Niykee surprised us. Just compare this photo with the previous one. Looks like there are two different women. What is the reason for that? New hairstyle or smooth skin without wrinkles, maybe botox around cheeks. Anyway, it made her much more attractive and younger.

We ran through years with and discovered Niykee Heaton before after surgeries and cosmetic procedures.





More Info about Niykee Heaton

Real Name: Nicolet Aleta Heaton

Birthday: 4 December 1994

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Birth Place: Geneva, Illinois, United States

Nationality: American

Race / Ethnicity: English, German, Norwegian, Welsh and South African

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Model

Net Worth: $3 Million

Relationship: Unknown

Children: None

Height: 1.72 m (5 ft 8 in)

Weight: 59 kg (130 lb)

Body Measurement: 35-25-38 Inches

Bra Size: 32C

Dress Size: 6 (US)

Shoe Size: 10 (US)

Natural Hair Color: Blonde











Those transformations that happened to Niyke from year to year suggest to me that she did cosmetic procedure to her face. She looks young, than old and then again young and fresh. I believe that is not because of good or bad shot and makeup style. She definitely got lips filler and botox from time to time. Once she started with breast augmentations I also suspect that she correct her butt as well. Anyway, Niykee Heaton before and after surgeries looks very different. The question is: What is better?





Certainly you have to invest into your appearance. It is a part of the business. And if you are talented and also look gorgeous and sexy, that dramatically increase your chances to success. But where is the fine-line when it’s too much? Niykee should be very careful with cosmetics experiments to her body. But in any case she knows best









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