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There are no doubts that Alexandra Daddario’s breast size became bigger, and she performed breasts augmentation procedure.

She’s a famous and successful actress known by movies San Andreas, Baywatch and True Detective. Her body is amazing and after she done implants it became even sexier.




She was born in New-York city on 16th March, 1986.

Lets went through her breast job before and after to find out more details. The plastic surgery she performed improved her body and shapes and made her more popular. Looking at her photos we will see the clear difference before and after procedures.



Alexandra Daddario Breast before surgery



Looking at after and before pictures you will answer all the questions regarding Alexandra Daddario boobs. Definitely Lisa Tragnetti – her character from the True Detective movie has a bigger boob. It was smaller and not so well-shaped as now. Seems she has something like B-size, but in the movie it more to D-size.



The first photo(left) that was done in the past she has normal and usual breast but in the next picture it is entirely different. Alexandra Daddario’s breasts look much bigger. And moreover, it looks very sexy and tightened.


Alexandra Daddario Breast Implants


Breasts for women are one of the most important parts. It’s like a business card. They care a lot about it. And most probably that true! No wonder that there are so many inventions like push-up bra. Alexandra Daddario breast size speaks for itself. She is 33-years old and still cares to look sexy and attractive.



The reason why she performed breasts augmentation procedure most probably quite ordinary. Like all women in the world, she wants to be beautiful, attractive and sexy. As for movie star, it is rather a necessity than just a will. Her plastic surgeon did a great job. Alexandra Daddario’s breasts implants look amazingly. And I’m quite sure that fans and all others appreciated her hot body.



Her style is sexy and in order to achieve it, she usually wears dresses that shows off her cleavage. That’s one of the reasons why she has to have such a perfect breast. Just look at the photo above. Alexandra Daddario’s boobs look so hot and natural. Despite she did breast augmentation procedure. Means her plastic surgeon did his job perfectly! By the way there are a lot of famous actresses in Hollywood who has had implants, like Emma Watson for example.



Has Alexandra Daddario boob job worked fine?

As for me, she did everything right. She conquered people’s hearts by her appearance. And her breast job played a huge role in this popularity. Alexandra Daddario’s body looks now very naturally. Her breasts fully comply with her butt and waist. So her decision to do plastic surgery met all the expectations.



Yes, she is a talented actress, and we saw it in “San Andreas” movie for example. Yes, she’s kind and open mind. This is something that you can’t upgrade easily. But if modern technologies allow you to upgrade your body, why not? Definitely Alexandra Daddario’s body becomes better. The result that came up from the surgeon’s knife made her more sexy and stunning.







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