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Disclosure of plastic surgery Kim Kardashian

Almost everyone knows that reality TV star Kim Kardashian underwent plastic surgery, besides, not one. Of course, beauty, attractive body and beauty treatments remain next to her name always and everywhere.
But more recently, Kim said that her face and body changed, especially after she gave birth to her first daughter with Kanye West. As assumptions grew that she had rhinoplasty to improve her nose, Kim completely denied this fact. She claimed it was just makeup and her favorite facial contouring.
For many years, there was a lot of talk in all the media about her artificial fake silicone Breasts. When she appeared on the cover of Parade magazine in her birthday suit, all the fans just gasped! Kim blew up the Internet with her sexy features. However, the mother of three never mentioned whether she had fake Tits and ass to keep or even enhance her image in show business.
Despite rumors that she regularly visits her surgeon, in her TV show “keeping up with the Kardashians”, Kim decided to keep her increments secret.
Kim is great because it’s not easy to hide the amazing transformation, especially when Kim has been on TV constantly for the past 10 years and her face has been in the news almost every day. However, real fans of the TV star will be the first to know if she had Botox or went through another round of lip fillers. Naturally, they regularly monitor all her social networks and monitor new photos, which learn about her new changes in appearance.



Before And After Pictures

So, Kim got under the scalpel? How has her appearance changed because of the surgeon’s intervention?
We will find evidence by carefully examining the photos Before and after she became famous. Let’s look at the stages of improving the appearance of this media lady by checking the comparisons of some photos from different moments of her life below.

What about Kim Kardashian Butt Implants?


















Kim’s ass can have her own split reality show because it’s so important in a star’s life. But is it real or false?
There was a time when Kim was mired in rumors that her ass was implanted. Once, about eight years ago, she even took a roentgen of her ass in her TV show to demonstrate that it was all natural. After some time, began to feel that her butt cheeks live a life of its own, becoming more and more like it was seen in these before and after photos.
In 2016, Kim finally gave up and said Yes, her ass size had changed due to injections. However, she claims that it was not a cosmetic increase, but for medical reasons. The thing is, she needs cortisone injections on her ass to cure psoriasis.


Doctors warned about side effects. She will probably see her ass growing and there may be some padding.
Experts in plastic surgery determined that Kim could have had a fat transplant on her buttock if she was stiff. This process, also called fat injection or fat transfer, outlines the body and fills in some of the grooves in it. The star may have also had a lipo to improve its size and shape of the butt.



Kim Kardashian was working on her Breasts?



According to her friends, one of Kim’s obsessions about a perfect body is her Breasts. Rumor has it she pulled her Breasts up a few times. Maybe that’s what saved her marriage to Kanye.
Surgeons may have lifted and shaped her last breast size – 34e Cup! A few years ago, however, she wore a 32E bra size, which is consistent with media reports.
There were also rumors that even her friends say that Kim K studies how her Breasts look in the mirror and consults her family about her breast implants. You can see how fixated she is on the subject of her Breasts.


What about the nose?

















Kim showed in a stylish magazine that her perfect nose is not because of the nose. The star lady said it was really just the magic of contouring makeup.
She also told ABC “Nightline” in 2009 that she is not against plastic surgery yet, but she has never corrected the shape of her nose. It is enough corrections only due to a kind of make-up.
But aesthetic experts after analyzing her images before and after retreat and say that Kim’s nose is a product of rhinoplasty. A slight wrinkle is visible on the bridge of the nose, and the tip of the nose seems to be inverted. They can be wrong, of course.

Kim Had Injections For Her Lips?
















Kim’s photos Before and after show a big difference between the shapes of her lips, but she denies any interference with the size and shape of her lips. Today, her upper lip looks even plumper than her sister’s, Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s, even now (even though everyone has seen and knows Kylie’s lip size perfectly well). Although in fact they should have about the same shape of the lips.
People often talk about lip Kim, as this is perhaps the most visible part of her body (after ass). To answer the rumors, she once said that her pregnancy changed the shape of her face and especially her mouth and lips. Not many people believed her.
Kim also added that her plump lower lip is sometimes simply the result of the light and angle effects in her photos.
Also, knowing Kim’s passion for cosmetics, you can achieve a more voluminous shape of the lips by applying matte lipstick and increasing the contour of the lips with a pencil.


What About Botox And Facelift?






















TV star of 2010 proudly announced that she had finally tried Botox injections. Kim argued that it is the only kind of cosmetic surgery to her body that she ever did. Naturally some interested public does not believe this fact.
In 2013, there was one incident. The actress shocked her followers with a bloody photo in Instagram. Kim’s face was covered in bright red during a procedure called a vampire facelift. After a while, the TV star wrote on her blog that she regretted going through this because she was pregnant at the time and was not given painkillers or painkillers with ice cream. She had to suffer from pain and discomfort inside the skin of the face. Poor Kim.
The media star also still doesn’t acknowledge rumors that she had facial fillers or any surgery. Then the question is: where did she try Botox?!


Kim Did Liposuction For Weight Loss After Birth Or Not?























How did Kim manage to lose weight so quickly and effectively after giving birth? She said she worked hard with the best in the business personal trainer for a tough diet and gym exercise for six months. Six months later she appeared before us in the form of a charming beauty and mother. However, gossips claim that Kim’s body is the result of liposuction. Therefore, no one still knows the exact answer to this question.
Probably after the pregnancy, Kim paid a hundred thousand for a tummy tuck, fat removal and laser treatment of the legs to get rid of stretch marks. She disappeared from public view for several months and appeared with a flawless face and perfect body shape, suggested new York doctor Tabasum world. We think that this fact is quite real.


Kim’s beauty transformation



It’s easy to forget that Kim Kardashian was born a natural beauty. Despite all the outraged media statements, she was as beautiful as she was before she gained fame through her unnatural body shapes.
Let’s see how her looks, styles and outfits have evolved over the years.


Childhood Days



When Kim was little, she was a wonderful flower Bud. She had lovely eyes that accentuated her sweet baby face. At an early age by her facial features, it was possible to understand that in the future it will become a real photo model.

Teen Years



When she was a teenager, Kim wore her black hair straight and long, like other teenagers living in Los Angeles. So dictated the style and fashion of the time. It is unclear whether her defined chin line and thick lower lip are due to improvements made at an early age. However, in reality this is hardly the case. Then she had a wider nose shape, especially around the tip. This can be seen in some photos.




Kim worked as an assistant to Paris Hilton and appeared on her show “Simple life”. What about her shapes? Kim then had a smaller breast size. She may have had a jaw reduction surgery to fix her jaw. Perhaps at this stage she also had surgery on her nose, because her nose at that time became a different shape: more thin and pointed.





After appearing in a sex video scandal with ray Jay, the reality star has become a constant figure of a small screen with his own series “keeping up with Kardashians.” Perhaps, this was the first step to the most noticeable transformation Kim Kay-increase breast.
On the red carpet, her Breasts obviously looked more Busty. Also, we like how her eye makeup made her outfit different, used to be memorable. We like a ruffled hairstyle that will become one of her signature looks. This outfit, which we see in the photo, was one of the best of all time.





In this picture, she was at a Tao party in LV. During this year, Kim had a smaller beast size as well as a thinner body shape. She looked perfect in this dress, emphasizing her cheeks and beautiful legs. You can tell it’s a superstar.





Kim drew attention when she presented a gala concert before the Grammy in Beverly hills. There she was wearing a dress with a “huge” neckline. This increased bust size has ignited so much talk about her getting even bigger breast implants. Judging from how firm and alert they are, we doubt she’ll have to worry about sagging or needing a breast lift in the future.While Kim emphasized her amazing look with large earrings, it also drew attention to her chin, which for some reason looked fuller and a bit elongated. Did she have chin implants? No one knows, it’s still a secret.




This year, Kim launched a mobile game. It is reported that during the first five days she earned 1.6 million dollars in the Apple app store. It was also the Year Kim started going crazy with butt implants, according to many of her fans. It’s hard to believe she didn’t do anything with her ass despite the x-rays proving it’s all natural (x-rays can be faked very easily).
Kim later said she had butt injections based on a doctor’s order for treatment, but we think it might have been a fat transfer procedure instead of improving her overall ass shape. Fans are still at a loss. What do you think about this statement?




The shape of her butt looked very beautiful in this photo when she graced the MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square garden in new York city. This is what Kim looked like after the birth of her third child. It is attributed to diet and exercise to your slim waist. Experts, however, believe that she had a Brazilian butt lift. This is a special plastic surgery, which is carried out in order to outline its famous and beautiful back side of the body.




Kim Kardashian West changed her appearance, flaunting ashy hair color at the gala event LACMA Art + Film in Los Angeles. However, she kept her brand tousled hair, which, by the way, is very good for her despite the dark eye color.
It looks like the hot reality TV star might have taken another prick on the lips, but to soften the plumpness, she chose Nude lipstick to decorate her plump lips. This gave it some naturalness.
We like Kim’s Golden skin color here, but we wonder if it has to do with good skin care or was she helped with the bronzer like she really likes to do? Just to say that this time it is not overdone with makeup.




Dressed in a straight long tail, Kim attended the gala with a rather noticeable facelift, a possible surgical procedure based on her toned skin. She could also do an eyebrow lift and smooth her face with Botox. However, this again may be her lovely style of makeup. This sexy mother of three chose a dress that focuses on her full Cup size and it’s totally electric! All the fans are just crazy about her new image.


More Information About Kim Kardashian (Bio):

Real Name: Kimberly Noel Kardashian

Birthday: 21st October 1980

Star Sign: Libra

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States

Nationality: American

Race / Ethnicity: Dutch, English, Irish, Scottish, Armenian

Occupation: TV Personality, Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, Socialite, Stylist, TV Producer, Model

Net Worth: $175 Million

Relationship: Married to Kanye West

Children: Saint West, North West, Chicago West

Height: 1.59 m (5 ft 2 in)

Body Measurement: 34-26-39 Inches

Bra Size: 34E

Dress Size: 8 (US)

Shoe Size: 7 (US)

Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown

Natural Eye Color: Light Brown


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Kim Kardashian is famous for its forms. It is hard to judge objectively whether they are real or not. Each of her fans and ordinary audience of the popular show remains at the opinion and tries to defend it. We believe that she still did some plastic surgery, but what exactly – hard to judge. However, with all this, you can not judge Kim as a person by her appearance. With lips/butt/legs/face made, she still remains a wonderful mother and loving wife to Kanye West.


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