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We all know Jennifer Lopez as a real star, stunning woman with a perfect sense of style that got herself to the top. But what if we tell you that long before her first Hollywood steps she looked completely different, what would you say?  Fans and tabloids would say that she must have done some plastic surgeries.

Jennifer Lopez denies that she got some surgeries, in 2013 in the “Maid in Manhattan” celebrity got mad at a tweet of well-known plastic surgeon where he claimed her using botox and fillers in order to radically improve her appearance.

However, how can she remain same appearance throughout her career staying as sexy as before even after giving birth to her twins. Was there a boob job or not? Lopez never told so in public always saying that it is only good regime and professional care.

Also we all still have not noticed any changes in her body shape and especially her butt. Sure she does take care of it a lot using all the cosmetics you can even imagine. Watching her videos and gracious dances it is hard to say that somebody can repeat the same with artificial butt.

The question remains: how can she look so awesome after all the years without plastic surgeries?


Before vs. After

Did Jennifer Lopez improve her body with doctors’ help?

Let’s go through her early and late pictures to find out the truth.

This is going to show us some key points in the change of her appearance. Check out the comparison photos below! 


Did she Boosted  her Butt?



Jennifer Lopez was a first celebrity started a big-butt boom long before it became a feature of a many stars like Nicki Minaj. However, it is still argued: does Lopez have a real or artificial butt?  

It was told by the surgeon Dr. Cortes, that he admitted Jennifer’s butt to be absolutely real. She was lucky enough with her latina genes where she got her body shape from, also, her old records show that there were not many changes throughout 80s and 90s so you can see that on the picture “before”.

J Lopez in her interviews used to say that she had never had a thought of getting a surgery but she had to work in a gym a lot to maintain her butt shape.


Does Jennifer Lopez Got…. Breast Implants?



Did She Get Boobs Augmentation? 

While there are so many men get crazy about her perfect body there is a still an open question: did she get breast  implants or not?

Looking at her old pictures we see a future star sparkling with pure energy but it is not hard to notice that her boobs were much smaller and there are some changes in the shape which appears to be rounder in the “after” pic.

However, all the sexy dresses and tight-fitting costumes that she is really fond of make her boobs look amazing. So I guess she has done a great job getting implants to her boobs. 

Has She Had A Nose Surgery?

There are some sighs of rhinoplasty on the nose, even J Lo never admitted that.

In old pictures her nose looked a bit wider and the change of form of the nasal bridge and tip is being clearly seen. But maybe it is age and cosmetics so it does look natural to us. Do you think there is a sigh of a change?


Did Jennifer Lopez Got Botox in Her Face?



Even we still doubt the rhinoplasty, face lift seems to be really noticeable.

Dermatologist Dr. Bruce Katz told The Hollywood Life that Jennifer Lopez definitely got some botox in the eyebrow zone to lift it up a little bit.

Some other surgeons told that most likely there were some fillers jobs that can be seen on pictures.

Most of the Hollywood stars use botox to prevent wrinkles so did Jennifer. However, she says that the secret is a great care including special procedurs, fitness, cremes, all kind of moisture and good amount of beauty sleep.


Did She Have Cosmetic Work On Her Teeth?



Jennifer has a beautiful smile which at the first sight looks really natural but Dr. Katz thinks that there were some lip injections like Restalyne and usage of lips’ fillers.

What about teeth? Most likely she used some whitening treatments like most people do and also it can be dental veneers that look so natural you cannot really identify from real teeth.


Jennifer’s Transformation Over the Years

 Jennifer Lopez is known as a very hard working person who made her way from a background dancer to the top remain her  world-famous celebrity status over the years. Like all the stars she has to maintain her image using everything she can including expensive treatments, stylists, and, very likely, plastic surgeries.

Let’s have a look at her changes in style and body image throughout her career.

Early years


Young Jennifer had a beautiful round face, no signs of any changes and very thick curly hair which was a trend number one back in 80s.

Year 1991

First steps in her career started with comedy series “In Loving Color” where she performed as a background dancer. Curly hair, roundish face and “girl-from-next-door’ style.

Year 1995

A big step into Hollywood started with a movie «Money Train». At that time Jenny had bigger arms and legs, smaller boobs but she was on the way of changes.

Year 1999

With her first single “If You Had My Love,” Jennifer’s transformation started to be obvious. Perhaps, it all started from chin improvement that look a bit different from now and on. However, her dress still shows us her natural breast shape.

Year 2001

Here is the point where J Lo’s experimentation with her body and image in general started. She walked to the Teen’s Choice Awards with no curly but  wavy hairstyle and her skin color got some tan in the 70s style. Her nose shape seems to be a little different in this photo but it can also be a great deal of makeup.

Year 2003

Jennifer came to «Maid in Manhattan» premiere and a sexy dress so it was easy to notice the change in her breasts’ size. If the gossips are right, so the doctor has done a great job  – her boobs looked very natural.

Year 2007

In 2007  at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Mortons in West Hollywood, California. Jennifer’s eyes are sparkling with joy and also look a little bigger as well as her jawline  was really nice. Was there any surgery involved?

Year 2010

 Jennifer Lopez played up  her make up styles and also changed her hairstyle using sparks of different colors.

Year 2014

Appearing at the MTV Awards in 2014 was a real bomb with Jey in her sexy dress showing her buttocks. Tabloids were dying to know if she got augmentation or it was just a dress effect?

Year 2016

After pregnancy Jennifer worked hard to lose weight spending hours in gym and following a strict diet. But face surgery gossips such as a facelift, botox were even louder that she’s a mom of twins in her 40s.

There are some change in her face shape and nose but make up experiments  never stopped so we cannot really say was there any more improvements done my doctors.

Year 2017

Tabloids talked about Jennifer’s body began to sag a little bit after the pregnancy but she again shocked the public by wearing an amazingly appealing dress. Rumors about her liposuction started to spread, however she was really hot at the Billboard Awards.

Year 2019

To prevent aging process, public suspects Jennifer regularly gets fillers in her lips and some brow lift. Her make-up stylist has done a good job keeping her brows thick and perfectly-shaped that is why she looks pretty young.



More Information About Jennifer Lopez (Bio):

Real Name: Jennifer Lynn Lopez

Birthday: 24th of July, 1969

Star Sign: Leo

Birth Place: Castle Hill, New York City, New York, United States

Nationality: American

Race / Ethnicity: Puerto Rican, Latino

Occupation: Singer, Actress, Voice Actor, Film Producer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Music Video Director, Lyrics’ writer, Busineswoman

Net Worth: $360 Million

Relationship: in a relationship with Alex Rodriguez

Children: twins: Emme Maribel Muñiz (daughter), Maximilian David Muñiz (son)

Height: 5 ft 4 in

Body Measurement: 34-26-37 Inches

Bra Size: 34C

Dress Size: 6 (US)

Shoe Size: 8.5 (US), 38 Eur.

Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown

Natural Eye Color: Brown




Even tabloids and fans talk a lot about changes in Jennifer’s appearance due to surgeries and even she never admitted having one, we still think that there are some slight things as botox are involved.

 That is a really common thing for most of celebrities to improve some features and try to slow down the aging as much as they can. However, the real change is not so huge and she still looks as the same person that before unlike many Hollywood stars that you can hardly recognize.

We do believe that her butt is absolutely natural: no signs of lifting and injections.

However, she most likely got through a breast surgery. Her boobs changed size and shape over the years and you can watch this change on the pictures.

As a huge celebrity that has fans all over the world she spend lots of many to be on the top. It doesn’t really matter how many surgeries she had, the result is obvious, at the age more than 40 she is still one of the sexiest and popular stars in the world.

Do You Think Jennifer Lopez Had Artificial Help?

What Enhancements Has She Done?


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