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Chelsea Chanel Dudley is a woman, whose nickname is Chanel West Coast. She is a popular Rap artist. Besides, she often plays in different films.

She has so unique beauty, that many people always notice, when they watch shows and movies with her.

She acted in “Fantasy Factory” and “Ridiculousness” by Rob Dyrdek. These shows made the singer really popular in USA.

The singer likes to wear extraordinary looks. Her body is loved by thousand of people, who usually discuss the naturally of it. So, we will do the same thing.


The life of Chanel West

The singer was born in Los Angeles, California on the first day of September in 1988.

Unfortunately, Chanel’s parents were separated, when she was young. So, the little girl has to spent her childhood in the North Hollywood and in New York City. Her father was a DJ in NYC, who had lots of night performances in the popular stages. The daughter was inspired of him and his shows to create and write music. She was taking dancing lessons. Also, she was good at singing since she was a small girl.


The singer stared in different TV programmes. Moreover, she took part in “Wild Grinders” in 2012-2015.



She was inspired by rap soundtracks. One of them was the song “How do u want it“ by Tupac. She wanted to be a singer since she was really young. Her way as a singer began in 2009. She created a song “Melting like Ice cream” and made some collaborations with popular musicians.

She has to be a part of the label Money Entertainment by Lil Wayne since 2012. Her first soundtrack was named “Now you know”. Lots of popular guys like Snoop Dogg, Ty Dolla $ign and other rappers took part in it.

Chanel West was a headliner of music charts with her popular soundtrack. She made a music video for the song “Been on” with artist French Montana. Her first album was published in 2014. One of the songs was recorded with a musician Honey Cocain. In addition, she stared in “Fear Factor” and took in many performances as a model.




Do you hear something about Chanel West Coast boob job?


Many people think, that Chanel West Coast does not have any natural parts of the body. To the contrast of this, others suggest, that she did some surgeries, because Chanel West Coast big boobs do not seemed natural. Is it the truth?

We have some photos, they will help us find the answers about Chanel West Coast plastic surgeries.


Chanel West Coast Breast



Of course, all fans of Chanel West Coast follow her Instagram page. There we can find lots of photos with the accent of the singer’s breast. Some people think, that the reason of it is a number of operations. But pictures, that were made earlier, show us the same size of Chanel West Coast breast. So, we have not got any questions!


Is the nose of Chanel West Coast natural?



Her nose has became a piece of discussions since the singer became a popular girl. The audience has an opinion, that the rapper had a rhinoplasty surgery. Is it true? We heard some gossips about Chanel West Coast nose. Experts suppose that we can see plump nose in her old pictures. New ones show us a nose, that has a refined tip. So, this one looks better on her face. Are you agree with us?

To be honest, it is not all the information. Some doctors explored the photos of the star and made an opinion, that the fit of her nose depends on light and camera angles. In conclusion, we can say, that changes of her nose were only the illusions. But we are glad to assert, that this is natural!


Has Chanel West Coast got any implants?


All we know, that not everyone, but every second celebrity made injections and used lip fillers. This is why lots of listeners have an opinion, that Chanel Wes had the similar procedures. To be honest, The singer has her own beautiful lips, that she do not need to make bigger or smaller. She is a happy one, because her lips fits her anatomy of face, whereas other stars spend lots of hours making their lips different. Also, she economies lots of money. Why not?




Does Chanel West Coast use Botox?



Many of popular artists, such as singers, dancers and actors make Botox procedures to always have a fresh face. So, Chanel West is too young to be a constant customer in the clinics. Correcting the skin around the eyes is not an illegal action, but lots of stars are really addicted to these procedures. Maybe, the rapper will want to use Botox or something other through the years. To be honest, now Chanel West need no surgeries to look cool.


Do you believe in gossips about the singer’s Breast Implants?



It is seemed like the rapper has a really natural body. So, she is not a stranger person in American show business. She made some music videos in MTV. Chanel West was a part of lots of TV shows. She is loved by fans because of her extraordinary voice, talent in acting and a kind heart. Despite she was not under a knife, she lives in the ambiance of popular and “plastic” stars. All of them changed the shape of the body.

Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce became famous after some plastic surgeries. Can we watch them without any cosmetics? Chanel West Coast with no makeup is really pretty, isn’t it? She is one of then, whose body did not know how to be changed. And it is an amazing fact!


Some people think, that Chanel West have to do a plastic surgery to become a superstar. What is your opinion? Does she have to do it?

To be honest, we really like Chanel West Coast without any corrections of her natural shape, but (maybe) she will be more successful, in case she makes some cosmetic procedures?



Some information

Height 158 cm

Weight 54-57 kg

Do you know her clothes size?

Chest 87 cm

Waist 61 cm

Hip 81 cm

Bra size 34B





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