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Alexis Ren is a young fitness model from America. She has lots of followers in the net (1,6m on Twitter and 13m on Instagram). The girl was on Maxim and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers in USA and Mexico.

The celebrity was born in Santa Monica on 23th of November in 1996. She is a German/Russian (50/50) person. Unfortunately, her mother died because of the cancer, when she was only 17. Alexis has 3 sisters and a younger brother, so she is the 3rd in family. The model was taught at home.

Alexis took part in one dancing show in 2018 and went to the almost final of it with Alan Bersten.



A childhood of Alexis Ren


























Living in California, Alexis started working when she was 13.  Firstly, she became a part of a big label Brandy Melville. After a freelancing year, she got a first collaboration with a big model management. When she was 17, the model was on the “Seventeen” cover. Moreover, the girl worked with many mobile games and big model groups like “Chic” and “Lions NY”.



In addition, the girl designed her own clothes named “Ren Active”. Her first collection was performed in 2014 in LA.

Also, the girl starred in comedian movie “Deported” in 2017.


Ren and Alan Bersten wined the 27th season DWTS in 2018. Almost every spectator of the show loved their couple. There were lots of discussions about ther wedding. Did you hear something?


Was she married?

To be honest, she was dated Jay Alvarez in 2014. He was also a model. We remembered a social media conflict, that was the reason of the end of their relations.



Now the girl is dating a new person, but no one of her fans know him. Alexis wants to take her relationships in a secret, so she does not post any photos with this man. No one knows his name, but lots of people name him “Sky bear”. His Instagram talks us, that he is fond of yoga and has a business. Also, he loves people and a mixed martial sportsman.

A big part of the celebrity’s income sourced from her performances and model shows. Her worth is estimated as 3 million dollars in 2018.


Alexis Ren’s Plastic Surgeries

All of Alexis Ren fans hear, that there are lots of gossips about the model’s surgeries. So, we know, that now cosmetic procedures are very important for everyone, who wants to make an Instagram page really popular. Hollywood is an epicenter of model business. There are lots of girls, who want to be famous for only they are living on this planet. Almost every Instagram star posts perfect photos with fresh skin and excellent shapes. What to do in this situation? To be honest, many of their followers would be really glad to look like them.

What about Alexis? We found some pictures, that we can compare now to understand were there any operations in her life?


Alexis Ren lips

Many followers of Alexis page noticed, that her lips increased. Now they look like her old lips was multiplied twice. We do not joke now. It seeved like her lips were increased because of speial fillers. The photos can helo us find the truth. Just compare two of them!


What do you know about Alexis Ren Nose?

Did Alexis correct her nose? So, we suppose, that the probability of the infidelity of this gossips is very high. We can ask a help of some photos again. We hope, that it was n useful question. So, we looked throudh hundreds of pictures. To conclude, she did not anything with her real nose. Do you like it? So natural.


Alexis Ren’s Boobs

We heard lots of rumours, that Alexis Ren had a Boob Job?

They were true. She was under a knife and had boobs operation. The size of her boobs were increased at once. The model’s fans saw changes in her photos. we can make the same action.


Also, there were some speculations about her… fat! Actually, she had a fat grafting procedure. So, the fat is collected and transfered in boobs. That is why her body looks quite natural.


Alexis Ren Butt augmentation

We cannot disagree with the fact, that Alexis has a wounderful body. Lots of women are really dream of it. Her corrections made her shape perfect. But it is not only for satisfaction. The models have to have a firm buttock to present new clothes of brands, that provide them.

If we compare old and modern photos of Alexis, we will see some changes of her butt. We should understand her. Increasing butt is usual operation for many models. What do you think about it?


How can we conclude?

The models job has one big advantage. It is a wonderful shape of the body. Now bloggers are loved by thousands of people. They are earning money selling different products and services. It is a well-paid profession at the moment.

Alexis is a blogger with a big audience, who did not want to offer her followers take part in different quizes to win a surgery.

So, plastic surgeries get Alexisa great body and confidence.

When she was a teenager, she wrote some words in her tweet, that her boobs are real. Later, lots of experts ask her about that. So, it was the truth, but lots of years go away since that moment.


Alexis said, that her toxic state affected the food, that she tried to eat regularly. Also, Alezis told, that she had too much work and needed to be in a small holidays. She explained, that she lost 17 kilogramms because of her family tragedy

Unfortunately, many followers believe in all rumours and wrist her.

What do you think about Alexis Ren?

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