Taylor Swift is a popular girl. A very popular girl. She is an unusual participant of the modern show business. A nice pop-singer, wonderful actress, songwriter, hard philanthropist, very hot lady and music award winner, she performs on large stages in the world and shows amazing singing. She is a very important part of the excellent label as one of the best-selling singers ever. Over 40 million albums were sold in many countries! In addition to this, her singles were downloaded more than 130 million times.

To start with, Taylor became one of the 100 Greatest Songwriters in 2015. Many years after that she won lots of awards such as Grammys, an Emmy, Country Music Association Awards and more than 20 Billboard Music Awards! In addition to this, her name is written in the Guinness World Records book for six times (and that it is not the end). She has been featured in Time Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in 2010 and 2015. Also, Taylor has been one of the people, who were most often published in Forbes journal list of the top of well-earning women music artists in the world from 2011 to 2015. So proudly, isn’t it?

















Actually, Taylor Swift is one of the most well-paid musicians and she is really worthy of it! But how did she look like in the past? She was another person, wasn’t she? We have to read a story of her life to understand her thoughts and wishes, achievements and names of the albums. It promises to be exciting. Let’s get it started, guys!



Young years of sweet Taylor



























The birth of girl was the wonderful gift for 2 people. A usual stockbroker Scott Kingsley Swift and housewife Andrea Gardner Swift were the happiest people in the world on December 13, 1989. What a nice Christmas present! But not Santa Clause was a giver. A little baby was named Taylor Alison Swift. Parents were amazed of the shining of her angel blond hair.

Taylor has a brother, who is younger than her. His name is Austin. A brother and a sister spent lots of time of their early years on a Christmas tree farm that their dad bought from one of his clients. At age of nine, the young Taylor was interested in a musical theater and performances. Soon she began singing and having acting lessons. Some years ago she started listening to country music. The great Shania Twain was her favorite artist, her songs made little Taylor alive and free. She took part in different local events and music festivals on her week days.



When she was 11, she watched an interesting movie. It inspired the young girl to travel with her mum to the center of country music in the United States – Nashville, Tennessee. Why not? She made an average of covers in that trip. Unfortunately, the studio bosses did not agree to work with her, as there was nothing, that made her unique. There were hundreds of other artists, who sang same songs in the same way trying their own in the music studios. When she was twelve, Taylor’s life changed for the better, when Ronnie Cremer took her under his wing. He was a simple computer repairman and local musician, however, he taught her to play the guitar and write songs. After that, she wrote the song “Lucky You”. This soundtrack made her popular and recognizable for the years.

Swifts hired a manager in 2003. His name was Dan Dymtrow. He was sure, that her singing talent need to be shown for the great audience. So, he was worked in New York and made concerts for her at Abercombie & Fitch.

Later, Taylor had a big trip to Nashville with her mother. When she was fourteen, her family moved again to Hendersonville, Tennessee to help her future career. Taylor is thankful for them so far.



Taylor Swift was interested to be a part of a new label by Scott Borchetta. It was called Big Machine Records. Taylor was one of his first singers in 2005, and her dad bought three percent of the company (about $120,000). Taylor was working on her first own album. It was unique – three songs were written by her own. However, other eight soundtracks were made with other members of her partner group. After release on October 24 in 2006, Taylor Swift was really criticized by lots of experts. Poor girl! She was under a hard pressure. However, in the United States the album achieved 5 line on the Billboard 200. It had been there for long 157 weeks! It is really amazing fact, that about eight million copies of the album had been sold in August 2016. Her success was incredible achievement for many people around her and for herself, too. She was a small girl, but her power amazed old artists.

“Fearless” was her second studio album. It was released in 2008. The main single “Love Story” achieved 4 line on the Billboard Hot 100 and 1 line in Australia. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. It became the best-selling album of 2009 in the United States. It was promoted during her big tour, which helped her to earn over 63 million dollars.

The music video for the best song from the album “You Belong With Me” won the Best Female Video Award on MTV in 2009. Her speech was the piece of many discussions. And why? Actually, not for what she said or not, but the reason is extraordinary! The popular musician Kanye West stopped her and said that Queen Bee worthy of the award more. So, Taylor and her words became very popular because of that. Very strange and unusual fact, isn`t it?


Also, in 2009, Swift was a winner of 5 great AMA. Finally, she became an Artist of the Year. During the 52nd Grammy Awards, her “Fearless” album became the Best of the Year. Her single “White Horse” was awarded Best Country Song and the Best Female Country Vocal Performance. Amazing achievement not only for young woman, but for every musician!

Her debut as an actress happened in 2009. She became a participant of an episode of Crime Scene Investigation. Besides, her third studio album, “Speak Now” was released in August 2010. The main song was “Mine”. It achieved a 3 line on the United States Billboard chart. Her third album was written by Taylor Swift alone. In addition, she produced all the songs. The album had a huge success. It debuted at the first line on the Billboard 200 and it is one the albums, which sales during the opening week reached about 1 million copies. It was downloaded over 250 thousand every week, breaking a record and making Taylor a Guinness World record holder. To be honest, Taylor has one other record. She became the first woman, whose songs had a deserved place on the Billboard 100. In 2011, she co-wrote the famous tracks “Safe and Sound” and “Eyes Open” for The Hunger Games movie. “Safe and Sound” won the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media. It is one of the most valuable prize for Taylor.
















Her 4th studio album «Red» has a lead single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. It achieved the top of the billboard in the United States and New Zealand. It also was on the top in the iTunes just an hour after it was released. It was the reason to be called like the “Fastest Selling Single In Digital History” in the Guinness World Records.

In October 2014 her fifth studio album was released. It is called «1989». Over 1.2 million copies in the US were shifted during the first week of the release. Of course, these songs reached first lines of Billboard 200. One more World Record. The music videos were awarded in 2015 on MTV Awards. At the 2016 Grammy Awards, the album won three prizes together – Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Music Video.

“Reputation” was her sixth studio album. It was released in 2017 with the lead single “Look What You Made Me Do.” This become first in lots of countries all around the world. Moreover, the music video reached the mark of 43 million views on YouTube during only 24 hours. It is a record! Taylor made a great tour with dozens of cities with this new hot album.



In 2018, she won nearly all the possible prizes in America! Tour of the Year, Artist of the Year, Favorite Pop Female Artist, Favorite Pop Album. She has more than 20 awards from the AMA, which makes her the most awarded woman in the world. This album has also received a Grammy Award nomination as a Best Pop Vocal Album.

What about personal life of Taylor Swift? To be honest, she has never been married. She is an active philanthropist, an LGBTQ advocate, a feminist. Also, she supposes, that it is wrong to discuss personal life of anyone. Taylor is a great musician. She plays lots of musical instruments well and likes painting. An interesting fact – her lucky number is thirteen.




Perfect body shape of Taylor Swift

Everyone agrees with the fact, that Taylor Swift is one of the most beautiful young ladies in the world at the moment. Her body is slim and sexy. She always looks perfectly, her clothes are the most fashionable. But lots of people have a question – is her beauty natural or artificial?


Nose job
















Look at this old photo and then look on another one. Taylor`s Swift nose became different. Now it is narrower, more artistically shaped than some years ago. Makeup artists are professional painters today. They can make the form of your nose any possible you like. But surgeons want to earn some money, too. This job is really good, isn’t it? Any wish can become a reality, if you have some dollars, of course.


Boobs up



















Taylor Swift boobs job is one the most recognizable subject to discussing. We can simply compare two pictures to understand, that her breasts really increased. A breast augmentation? To be honest, she had a flat earlier. But what about now? Maybe, she has a pair of breast implant. Of course, if you think, that she likes wearing a push-up bra, I will answer you, that it is possible. But if we compare 2 sizes in 2 photos, we will understand, that she had a surgery or perhaps she likes putting tangerines in her bra!


What about the booty































Such as her breasts, now Taylor Swift’s booty is rounder than it was. These pictures show us a most striking difference. Of course, we cannot be sure and her curve can be an incredible result of long intense workout sessions and a hard healthy diet. Why not?


About teeth


















We find some photos of little Taylor. Her teeth were not perfect, it is not a secret. But if we look through a new picture, we will see, that teeth are really good. Probably the singer spent free time making some cosmetic dental procedures. Veneers or braces, but now she is an owner of perfect angel smile!




Conclusion: Perfect Taylor

To sum up, Taylor Swift is one of the most womanly and beautiful singer with brilliant voice and smart eyes. She is intelligent and unusual person. Her performances are always remarkable and music videos are unique. She is loved by an army of fans, who live with one wish – spend an hour with her. Taylor has her own opinion and serious principles. No one can stop her! But she is a real human, and that is all.

Her age is not a problem. The fit of her body will allow Taylor not to worry about her health. Is not it a paradise?
















Tell us what do you think about Taylor Swift’s plastic surgery procedures. Do you like them? Be honest with us, and we will answer any question you want to ask. Thank you for reading. Be the most beautiful and happiest every day!

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