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Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Mocuere de Le Esperades Santa Ana Romanguera y de La Nayosa Rasten, better known as Charo is a Spanish actress known for her fiery performances on stage, provocative appearance and her famous catchphrase “heap-heap”. Charo learned to play classical guitar, and also studied flamenco, from the age of nine. As a result of her success, “Guitar Player” magazine has twice awarded her the title of “Best flamenco guitar player” in a reader poll. But she didn’t become a famous guitarist and no one could assume that the girl will grow into a super star.

In the mid-1960s, Charo first appeared on American television in “The Today Show”. She later took part in the show “Laugh-In”. According to rumors, the parents allowed the girl to change the date of birth from 1951 to 1941, so that she could marry the 66-year-old frontman of one of the musical groups Javier Cugat, when in fact she was only 15 years old. These years were, perhaps, the most successful in her life.


Young days (1970)

70s brought her huge success and popularity. Later years didn’t bring that success. It was a time of free love and complete emancipation. She hadn’t had any plastic surgery at that time and still looked amazing. Nature has endowed her with the huge Breasts, and attractive appearance. Watching her concerts of those years, I still enjoy the natural beauty of a young girl Charo.

Changing the shape of the Charo nose (1990-1996)

Charo nose job is the beautiful work of plastic surgery. In the photos of this time we can see some changes in the shape of the nose, which suggest that we make an assumption about the possibility of plastic surgery. Indeed, such a change will not be seen only by the blind. The tip of the nose sharply pointed, the wings also became narrow, indicating plastic surgery. Charo’s nose was definitely corrected in the surgery room. This kind of operation is visible to the naked eye and many fans of the singer have noticed such a transformation and spread rumors. Charo plastic surgery to change the shape of the nose went as we can now judge from the photographs. Many can only guess about the reasons for such a transformation. Why was this work done: for the sake of beauty or outrageous? Or was there a good reason? No one knows yet.


Charo plastic surgery also touched her face. We mean that a face lift surgery was done. Her face began to look unnaturally young, without a single wrinkle. Usually at this age a person has wrinkles around the eyes, around the mouth, on the neck. But Charo has no such signs of aging. Fans of the singer believe that she made a facelift to look young and still attract her fans. But such a transformation can play a cruel joke. Some people may not like this change of a star and they will turn away from it, they will be frightened by this appearance of Charo.    Charo’s face has changed and this is an obvious fact. Now it looks more expressive. At most, this effect was achieved due to eyebrow correction and eyelash extensions. But there are still some points. For example, her cheeks became slightly rouge and more pumped up. This was definitely achieved by injection.

Botox gave the face a bit of volume, which looks advantageous now. Because before, Charo’s face shape was triangular, which is inferior in terms of showiness to an oval face. When Charo smiles, her cheeks rise a little and cute dimples appear on them. Exactly what is needed.    Journalists and ordinary fans are interested in the following interesting question: did Charo give Botox injections in the lips? In some fresh photos you can see that, compared with the earlier pictures, Charo lips look more pumped up. Some experts explain this not with a plastic surgery, but simply with the right choice of cosmetics, when the lip gloss comes with the visual effect of increasing the volume of the lips. This is one explanation. The next explanation, of course, is the possibility of plastic surgery.

But neither the actress herself, nor anyone else is subject to this possibility. Therefore, it remains for everyone to calculate up to a millimeter of Charo’s lips and look for scars from injections. Especially well become noticeable changes in the face of Charo when shooting the show. Viewers noticed how her eyebrows rose and her eyes got bigger because of this. Some attributed this to the fact that for filming in Hollywood, you need to have a beautiful appearance, meeting the “white” standards, which is why Charo had to lighten the skin a bit and make a facelift. To some extent, such assumptions seem strange and far-fetched. But Charo, in all these disputes and rumors, is holding on confidently and letting the big scandal ignite.

Charo Breast Augmentation

That’s what, and Charo’s chest just blew up all the information flows. At some point, she had literally out of the blue two mountains. This did not pass by the attentive eyes of her fans, and indeed of ordinary people who flip through Instagram and see her photos in the news feed. An impressive transformation. If you consider who could advise her such a change in their appearance, then everything falls into place. In fact, this move became a powerful public relations campaign, which raised quotes on Charo to a considerable height. But in the world of show business who are more shocked, that becomes money. Kylie has not yet commented on her possible breast reconstruction.

But what other comments are needed here? Breasts just grew by leaps and bounds. This can be seen by everyone who takes two of her photographs of a different period. Charo before surgery has not big boobs. It remains only to conclude that show business loves such decisions and for Charo there is a special place. So Charo’s chest now attracts more views than before its transformation. And what is important for a girl? Yes to look at her so admiringly. Therefore, Charo fans are happy for her that she decided to change her body so much. This definitely brought her only positive emotions and progress on the show business ladder. All those who doubt that she nevertheless performed plastic surgery. You can see her photos before and after surgery. This tangible effect is hard to miss. Therefore, many insist that the operation was and Charo increased breast volume. Charro boobs now are the embodiment of the genius of plastic surgery.

How did Charo lose weight? (1985-1990)

A lot of talk was about the fact that Charo was several times observed in that her body shape was somewhat modified. Personally, she confirmed that for some projects and films she had to lose weight. But this experience can be called positive, despite the fact that it is difficult to endure in many aspects. Charo adhered to a variety of diets, drank water, juice, was engaged in meditation. From here and such a sharp reduction in weight and giving the body slimness and lightness. Of course, Charo is far from model standards, but she looks neat and proportionate, you can call her a very nice and pleasant girl. In particular, they talked about the fact that her skin brightened sharply, and also was pleasantly surprised by the change in the shape of her body: she lost a little weight. Some may assume that Charo before plastic surgery looks absolutely the same, but there are some inconsistencies if you look closely at the photo.

Charo Lip Implants

Charo’s lips also had a transform. Her lips also changed their shape. They became pronounced in scope. One gets the feeling that Charo has lost the line with reality and can no longer understand what is normal and what seems unreasonable. But that was her decision, possibly in favor of the stage image. Previously, they were thin and small, which is characteristic of people with a triangular face type. A well-performed lip augmentation surgery has brought its bottoms – Charo looks very sexy. The lower lip was especially well developed, which completes the compositional shape of the face. Very successful solution! Someone may notice that in some photos Charo does not even have to smile – she just needs to slightly raise the corners of her lips and she already attracts attention and charms. Charo measurements already pass the verge of reasonable and rest on fiction.

Charo before and after (1985-2019)

Charo rather closely studied those who are very attentive to the life of all the stars and their plastic operations. Fans noticed that her nose in some photos of different shapes. This was concluded on the basis of a change in the tip of the nose. He used to be somewhat blunt at the end, and now he is even and neat. The perfect surgical crime scene! Now Charo will not be able to refute this information. Everything really looks like Charo was subjected to numerous consultations of her plastic surgeons and in the end she could not stand it and did rhinoplasty.

Charo before operations looks like a simple, not a star girl and not so secular. This appearance does not play into the hands of its producers, so it was decided to transform Charo with the help of plastic surgeons. Such a transformation has become a very effective step, and most importantly – an effective one. She began to be invited more often to parties, to photo shoots. Still, the good looks of the girl plays one of the main roles in that she was noticed and paid tribute to her.


Charo is really a big star. She went a long way to the stage and her life was full of scandals and differences. Journalists have always had something to talk about, something to gossip about. Charo was always ready to provide newspapers with first-class photographs. Charo plastic surgery causes numerous disputes among the public. At some point these operations made Charo their offspring. In the 70s, Charo looked like a pretty sweet girl, but then something went wrong. And after decades we see such a picture, that Charo becomes almost a laughing stock for all who appreciate the beauty of a woman. It is quite difficult to resist the public opinion and not to stick to your opinion.

But Charo does it and she continues to give concerts and she has kept her fans. But, perhaps, those times when she was very popular … Charo misses should be on them. Tits plastic surgery, correction of her own nose, face lift – all this did not preserve her beauty and did not add to her attractiveness. This concludes almost all interested parties. And her fans admire her.

More information about Charo


Year 2019


Birth Name: Maria del Rosario Mercedes Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza

Age: 68 Years

Nick Name: Charo

Birth Data: 15/01/1951

Gender: Female

Profession: Comedian

Native: Spain

Place of birth: Molina de Segora, Murcia

Nationality: Spain-American

Ethnicity: Latin

Father: Migel Cardozo Sanches Pikchu

Mother: Maria Sosa del Mar

Sisters: Carmen Martinez Molina

Religion: Christian

Horoscope: Capricorn

Education: Studied classical and flamenco guitar in a school

Height: 5 ft 4 in

Weight: 58 kg

Body Measurement: 38-26-36 in.

Body Shape: Hour Glass

Hair color: Blonde

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Husband: Kjell Rasten

Net Worth: 12 million

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