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Easy lives of celebrities who, due to some assumptions, are paid for their idleness, and live wealthy and gloriously are deceitful. We’re told of their views on different topics while they frequently show up in public or the mass media. Scandalously sex-appealing but gifted as well, Marie Osmond is one of those setting males’ eyes on her (and the hearts too!) while performing on TV for many years.

Marie Osmond is accustomed to being highly scrutinized by the public during her whole life as she was brought up by famous American musicians. Limelight didn’t spoil her a bit. Unexpectedly her beauty is not “only skin deep”. Frankly speaking, she is a philanthropic talk show anchor and a truly gifted person, experienced in dancing, acting, music — the list can be further continued, by the way.

Graciously and boldly she opened the beauty of the project Dancing With The Stars to a large mass of audience while boosting her popularity and inspiring respect. Never aging spanking fine woman is currently almost 60 years old. Her natural attractiveness supported with sophisticated nips and tucks charms people of generations both old and new. Such a marvelous skill, indeed!


The beginning of Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond came into the world in mid-October, 1959, in an American state of Utah and her full name was registered as Olive Marie Osmond (later shortened to just Marie Osmond). Being a member of a widely-known musician family, she was raised by Olive Osmond and George Osmond.

She was espoused 3 times, to Brain Blosil and Steve Craig (having the latter as a husband twice!). Having a love for children, Marie Osmond took good many of them from orphanage along with having her own.


In 1978, Marie Osmond turned down an offer to participate in the cult-favorite musical Grease. Though a beatific beginner with astonishing eyes, the young woman considered the role conflicting with her prudish moral principles and attitude.

She’s fallen on hard times in the last weeks of ‘99, after laboring her seventh baby. She was struck by severe postnatal maternity depression that almost forced her to abandon her baby. Marie Osmond considered herself not only as a bad mom, she denied herself any credit for any other role. Luckily, her husband Steve Craig rapidly changed the situation for the better and successfully persuaded her to return to beloved ones and family restoring her worthiness.


Marie Osmond dolls



Despite being among the stars who are familiar to the wider audience, Marie Osmond is a hard-boiled businesswoman! Her unique “Marie Osmond Fine Porcelain Collector Dolls” line was sold in 1991 by Disney theme parks and QVC. In a short while it has become the best-selling toy at QVC, steadily holding on to that spot. As a result, the collection has several nominations for a huge number of awards.

Since 1993 Marie Osmond has been devotedly creating her own masterpieces, the devoted work was finally rewarded at the 1997 International Toy Fair where she received 3 award nominations and a lot of attention. In 1998, her craftsmanship reached its pinnacle when her 1 millionth doll was sold on QVC.


Being one of the lucky performers whose debuting song Paper Roses appeared at the top of music charts, Marie Osmond has undoubtedly become the international superstar and proved her worth to her listeners. For the majority of artists, it is a million to one chance. Lots of leading singles, several Grammy nominations, albums released during her music career and three books received well by the avid readers have all supported her reputation of a seriously talented celebrity.

Marie Osmond is a well-known philanthropist as well who tenaciously works on improving a situation in a lot of areas and that is what makes her activity truly praiseworthy. In partnership with John Schneider, she is the founding owner of the Children’s Miracle Network, an Osmond Foundation charity project. Since 1983 the Children’s Miracle Network has received over $5 billion, which benefited lives of kids all over the world. The project is engaged in financing such fields as research, health treatment and clinical aid both in the USA and Canada. As a sign of recognition of her humanitarian work on children related causes, the Country Music Foundation has granted her the Roy Acuff Community Service Award.















Since her childhood Marie Osmond has been on friendly terms with such a warmhearted person as Shawn Ora Engemann. She is also the representative of such honorable organizations as the American Heart Association. Unfortunately, her parents died of heart disease, as well as a grandmother.

She suffered a heart-breaking situation on February 26, 2010, a tragedy for every mother on Earth. Her son Michael Blosil staying that time in Los Angeles ended his life by jumping. On April 2009, she openly admitted the fact that her first daughter Jessica had been happily in love with a woman for three years. Further down the line, Jessica announced that she and her loving partner were ready for the next step in their life as a couple.



Among the ancestors Marie Osmond has Scottish, Danish, English, Dutch, German-Swiss, Welsh and Northern Irish representatives.

Marie Osmond perfected!

Back in the day rumors about Marie Osmond plastic surgeries were spread and proliferated even further! Keeping up with the majority of celebrities in the industry willing to invest plenty of efforts and earnings in order to look magnificent for the Grammy and innumerable photo shooting sessions, Marie Osmond has apparently undergone some nips and tucks. All these manipulations are conducted with a huge goal to make her as perfect as possible and delaying the unbearable effects of natural causes influencing day by day.

Tabloids from time to time speak of never-ending “Marie Osmond boob job”, while noting unbelievably good-looking appearance enhanced by countless injections and procedures. However, she has been relatively silent on the related issues and never disclosed further details of undergoing the surgery operations.

But if you look quite closely on her physical and facial structure throughout the years, you will admit that there certainly is a tabooed subject she isn’t eager to discuss.

Breast issue!












In 2013, in one of the TV broadcasts the statement that “Marie Osmond tits” went through certain changes was proved to be true: the star confessed to having had breast reduction surgery. A visible evidence supports this announcement, as old photos revealed that Marie Osmond breasts were, at a rough estimate, the size of basket-balls when she was a young lady, being later mysteriously reduced in bulk. It seems to be a fact that Marie Osmond boobs were drawing too much undesired concern and wry glances, to the point that the star understood that people appreciated Marie Osmond tits more than actual Marie Osmond.

In earlier times, Marie Osmond had an E size, and with that heavy “burden” she suffered substantial dorsodynia. Marie Osmond wished to be known for something greater than just being an actress with immense assets, a charming smile and a terrible back ache. That is the reason why she had to say goodbye to her original cup size! However, the Marie Osmond boob job differs a lot from most other celebrities’ procedures, while her colleagues usually strive for enlargement procedures with visible impacts, rather than a diminution in the chest area.

In that regard, the aforesaid information mocks any rumors of Marie Osmond breast implants, proving haters wrong.

Facial corrective measures
















Moreover, apart from boob issues, numerous tales circulate around about Marie Osmond having undergone injections of Botox and other similar substances to make a firm and young face, while others suggested that she has had a face lift. Numerous photos are showing her unnaturally smooth skin of a woman in her mid30s. She herself addressed those rumors attributing her face getting much younger to laser procedures, facials and constant use of sunscreen.


This notwithstanding, different authorized experts agree with a common opinion that her classic “plush lips” has had multiple shots of Juviderm. Also, Marie Osmond’s brows are positioned unnaturally high, which is a result, in what some people believe, of using old bud good Botox injections.

As her lower eye area is unexpectedly free of wrinkles and flaws and silky smooth, those who are aware of effects of a lower blepharoplasty lift attribute her secret to that matter.



Art of Rhinoplasty

By what one can tell, at present Marie Osmond’s nose is totally differing from a peak she originally was born with. The only conclusion can be made regarding the situation — a Marie Osmond had her nose done.

Before artist’s nose was much rounder and wider in the bridge area than at present. Wider nasal tip shows that it has been changed by a plastic surgeon.

All things considered, one can only explain those metamorphoses by stating that she underwent the rhinoplasty surgery to have a pointier nose of the size she aspired.

Present form of Marie Osmond nose is a result of a weir resection and a reduction rhinoplasty surgery, as it is supposed by experts, specialists and other people familiar with that matter.


The changing smile of Marie Osmond



Also, it is rather visible that her tooth range and gingivae have been modified too as a lot of photo comparisons prove this statement. Earlier she cast smiles and laugh showing teeth fully. Naturally both her tooth range with gum were much more visible and prominent.

However, now everything indicates that gingival augmentation successfully resolved that issue. The public can admire this masterpiece of the dentist concerned and enjoy an enchanting smile of Marie Osmond.


Marie Osmond liposuction




In 2007, Marie Osmond appeared on the successful show Dancing With The Stars. Her dancing there was perceived as remarkable and amazing. Artist’s enhanced looks showed no sign of age, sorrows and miseries. In days past, she appeared in public looking quite opposite to the present picture. Tabloids accused her looking at her age, her body and facial features were reproached as “bloated up”, showing signs of excess weight.

Nevertheless, she amazed the whole world with her sleek sex-appealing looks, silky skin and body shape of a young lady when she took part in the dancing show. With that in mind, the audience started discussing rumors about her liposuction and an abdominoplasty procedure.

Yet, those gossips centered around Marie Osmond’s liposuction were objected by the star who assured the haters that she led healthy lifestyle, worked out hard and cared after herself to look so stunningly amazing.


Marie Osmond 70s

Year 1980

Year 1992

Year 1999

Year 2006

Year 2007

Year 2010

Year 2013

Year 2015

Marie Osmond year 2017

Year 2018


Marie Osmond is an outstanding figure writ large, as well as a highly successful and gifted one. Despite all controversy surrounding her, Marie Osmond put a good fight with it and graciously won.

So, what do you think of her various confirmed and supposed plastic surgeries? Are they appropriate and well or should she have let everything slide and relax? Let us know your thoughts.

Real Name: Olive Marie Osmond

Birthday: 13th October 1959

Star Sign: Libra

Birth Place: Ogden, Utah, U.S.

Nationality: American

Race / Ethnicity: Dutch, English, Irish, Scottish, German-Swiss, Welsh

Occupation: TV Personality, Businesswoman, Singer, Musician, Actress, Film Screen Writer

Marie Osmond net worth: $20 Million

Weight/height: 165 lbs/ 5’5”

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