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With Ocean’s Eight due for release middle 2018, many people should have seen the latest trailer featuring the ever lovely Sandra Bullock and her gorgeous gang of thieves. What captured our attention the most from those 2 minutes of excitement was Sandra Bullock’s flawless skin! Honestly, how does a woman who’s past her 50s look so youthful? It’s almost like she’s never aged…


Could this have something to do with the skin care line that she’s been using OR is it a beauty secret of hers that’s she’s never shared with the public…like, say, plastic surgery? What we do know is that Sandra broke her nose when she was young (it was her sister’s fault actually), so it’s very likely that she’s had a nose job back then to fix it back into shape. And this experience might have led her to even more cosmetic procedures in the future.




Sandra Bullock before and after

Sandra Bullock is considered to be a very beautiful and talented actress. Her acting career goes back to the Sun and basks in its gentle rays. Many of us know these amazing movies and the way Sandra looked in them is breathtaking. Some specialists claim that the magic of plastic surgery lurks behind this pristine beauty. This they set on the analysis of those photos and the available filmography. Indeed, in some moments it is possible to trace some discrepancy in appearance, which indicates some correction and plasticity. Sandra Bullock plastic surgery can respond to these changes and become a rational explanation.



Did Sandra Bullock make her nose?



As we mentioned earlier, Sandra injured her nose as a result of an accident in early childhood. This led her to the surgeon’s office for the first time. The operation on the nose was successful and now you can not find any traces of that operation. But It is worth noting that there are many other signs of the influence of plastic surgery on its appearance and seeming youth.



Look closely at how Sandra’s face now looks: it is very even and there are almost no wrinkles on it. Wrinkles around the eyes, mouth is very difficult to see. Indeed, at the age in which the famous actress remains, these wrinkles are difficult to hide under a layer of cosmetics and powder. But high-quality facelift is quite appropriate.

Sandra Bullock plastic surgery



Even during his filming in the film “Miss Congeniality” there were loud rumors that for the sake of this role Sandra had to spend a lot of time in the plastic surgeon’s office and listen to the advice of surgeons. All this was required in order to look on the screen just perfect. Indeed, in this film, the heroine claims to be the first beauty of America. And for this, only a little of its natural beauty.

Sandra Bullock’s cosmetic surgery made her irresistible and after this film the actress was nominated for various film awards. Amazing success in these years, perhaps, would not have taken place without the advice of surgeons.


Such a healthy face and a blush could not be made by special cosmetic tricks. That is, neither powder nor lipstick is able to throw a few years off to a woman. Cosmetic surgery is quite the place to be here. This is indicated by signs that can be seen in numerous photographs taken from different time periods.


What wrong with Sandra’s lips?



Also, fans of her work noted that Sandra now has big lips, which she did not have at the time of the start of acting. Well, hello to hearing about possible injections of Botox. Indeed, judging by the frame of the first films and photographs, her lips somewhat mutated, and specifically became more and juicier.



This effect is difficult to achieve the right position when photographing or deliberate protrusion. Cosmetics in the form of foundation or powder could not so hide the wrinkles on the face. And the lips of this seem so young and will come to Sandra is still the status of one of the sexiest women in the film industry.


Little cheek changed a big cheek before



The next link in her possible plastic surgery was her cheeks. Now they look rosy and cute dimples appear when smiling at them. We did not observe such an effect in the years of her youth. Someone may say that this is an echo of growing up a woman and gaining extra weight. In this case, the cheeks would become larger and dimples, perhaps, would become apparent. But in conjunction with her general figure, in which there is not a hint of extra pounds.



If you look at the photos that were taken after 2014, then this blush on the cheeks is visible even better. In any case, she can only envy the healthy look of the actress and her lifestyle, thanks to which she retains her beauty at the highest level. Not so long ago, an interview with Sandra Ballack was published, where she directly says that she leads a correct lifestyle, does not consume alcoholic beverages, has long forgotten what fast food is.



Sorry, such wisdom comes with age and Sandra is glad that she became wiser much earlier than some other actresses suffering from various symptoms of growing up: insomnia, obesity, stress and many others. There is a photo of the paparazzi, where Sandra is captured without makeup, in the form in which nature created it … And it looks great! So cheerful, fresh and cheerful woman in front of us.


Does Sandra Bullock’s chin seem natural to you?



Often from fans and ordinary fans of the work of Sandra, that her chin has changed in recent years. What could it be? Did the actress become displeased with her face that she wanted to change something in him? In photos up to about 2010, you can see a straight chin, emphasizing the German roots of the actress. Later photos appear where the chin is slightly reduced and a small dimple appears on it. No one rules out a small plastic surgery Sandra Bullock in relation to her chin. Now he began to look neater.



This gave the face of the actress an expression of femininity and accuracy. Fans say they have never seen Sandra so happy. No one can tell in detail what is the reason for such a cheerful position of Sandra. Perhaps it is plastic operations that support her beauty at the level that provided her with the title of one of the fifty most beautiful women in the world according to one fashion magazine in 1996. Sandra is still distinguished by a vigorous state of mind, corresponding to the image of a woman that she plays in many films: a sweet, dreamy and cheerful girl.




In conclusion, we can say that Sandra Bullock is a standard of natural beauty and cheerfulness of a woman. Many housewives with trepidation watch movies with her participation and try to be inspired by this state. Many actresses ask Sandra for advice on how to maintain their state at a positive level. After all, the feminine state of mind is so precarious that you need to be very sensitive to every minute of your life and look for inspiration in everything that you want.



Sandra has a partner at the moment, she is raising two adopted children. Perhaps, than, if not the presence of such beautiful children, you can inspire yourself and wake up every morning for their sake. And all the talk about the fact that Sandra Bullock’s cosmetic operations only do that they support her youth are simply ridiculous. Try to live your life, adhering to the correct philosophical principles, leading a healthy lifestyle and almost without using harmful food and you will get a terrific result.



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More information about Sandra Bullock:

Born:     July 26, 1964 in Arlington, Virginia, USA

Birth Name:       Sandra Annette Bullock

Nicknames:        Sandy America’s Sweetheart The Girl Next Door

Height:                 1,71 m


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