Kylie Jenner is a real star, half-sister Kim Kardashian, known for her beautiful body structure and lush lips. These kind of features are warmly admired, but critics are not asleep and are looking for any way to find fault with the kind that Kylie has. Stars often encounter negatives from the public about how they relate to their body and allow them to do plastic surgery.

Kylie Jenner face



But Kylie here is somewhat frivolous about everything, like a superstar, which is correct. In an interview with the famous show “Keeping up with Kim Kardashian,” Kylie said that from the age of 15 she had been doing Botox injections on the lips so that they seemed even sexier. That’s really interesting: if the lips didn’t stop there, then what else can be found artificial in Kylie? After all, they say that Kylie’s breasts are not real, and ass – these are implants. Kylie Jenner butt before and after is two big difference.



Kylie Jenner hair




Kylie Jenner before and after

Kylie rather closely studied those who are very attentive to the life of all the stars and their plastic operations. Fans noticed that her nose in some photos of different shapes. This was concluded on the basis of a change in the tip of the nose. He used to be somewhat blunt at the end, and now he is even and neat. The perfect surgical crime scene! Now Kylie will not be able to refute this information. Everything really looks like Kylie was subjected to numerous consultations of her sisters and in the end she could not stand it and did rhinoplasty.


Does Kylie Jenner Have Butt Implants?

Kylie has recently joined the Big Buttocks Club, where Jennifer Lopez, Sisters Kardashian and Chris Evans are already members. Kylie Jenner before the operation had a plain ass. But at some point, all the spectators noticed that Kylie’s ass had become too piquant.



Immediately, everyone began to whisper that she visited the office of a plastic surgeon and performed an operation to implant her buttocks. It is worth noting that the work turned out to be of high quality and we can only envy how resilient and attractive Kylie’s ass has become. Upper class!




Did Kylie Have Breast Augmentation?




That’s what, and Kylie’s chest just blew up all the information flows. At some point, she had literally out of the blue two mountains. This did not pass by the attentive eyes of her fans, and indeed of ordinary people who flip through Instagram and see her photos in the news feed. An impressive transformation.




If you consider who could advise her such a change in their appearance, then everything falls into place. In fact, this move became a powerful public relations campaign, which raised quotes on Kylie to a considerable height. But in the world of show business who are more shocked, that becomes money. Kylie has not yet commented on her possible breast reconstruction.




But what other comments are needed here? Breasts just grew by leaps and bounds. This can be seen by everyone who takes two of her photographs of a different period. It remains only to conclude that show business loves such decisions and for Kylie there is a special place.




How did Kylie’s teeth change?


Some lovers to find something compromising about Hollywood stars still undermine Kylie. They note that Kylie Jenner teeth look very suspicious now. Suspiciously smooth and almost perfect. Examining the photos, we can safely conclude that whitening correction was carried out, the teeth became smoother. In old photos, Kylie’s teeth still look more earthy and there is no argument.



Probably, someone didn’t like it very much that Kylie’s smile wasn’t perfect or attractive enough for photographers. Now that, after the surgery at the dentist, Kylie smiles with an irresistible smile, enchanting us with its beauty and mystery.




However, everyone can say that the trip to the dentist is an everyday matter and the stars are generally ordered there. Therefore, it is surprising that every actor or singer has teeth whiter than white and evenas for selection. Such people need to smile 24 hours a day, so in the case of Kylie it is easy to conclude that a highly professional dentist worked with her.


Did She Have An Eye Surgery?


It is also worth noting that Kylie made some plastic manipulations with the eyes.




Kylie Jenner before looked very inconspicuous before eye surgery and her eyes were not so hypnotized, no matter how much she tried to smooth out this matter with makeup. At the moment, if you look at the photos, where Kylie will look at you, you will simply be fascinated. What would happen if you meet her looks in one room? Her eyes have changed a lot.




Eyebrows have become clearer and they should not be much makeup to stay stressed. Eyelashes have become more magnificent, especially on the lower eyelid. Due to the fact that her eyes visually became more expressive and more, she acquired the necessary look that is so necessary in show business. She acquired that charisma that she lacked. It is unlikely that in this component she is now inferior to her famous sisters.


What Did Kylie Do To Her Face?




Kylie’s face has changed and this is an obvious fact. Now it looks more expressive. At most, this effect was achieved due to eyebrow correction and eyelash extensions. But there are still some points. For example, her cheeks became slightly rouge and more pumped up.





This was definitely achieved by injection. Botox gave the face a bit of volume, which looks advantageous now. Because before, Kylie’s face shape was triangular, which is inferior in terms of showiness to an oval face. When Kylie smiles, her cheeks rise a little and cute dimples appear on them. Exactly what is needed.



Has Kylie Jenner Had Lip Injections?




Kylie’s lips also had a transform. Previously, they were thin and small, which is characteristic of people with a triangular face type. A well-performed lip augmentation surgery has brought its bottoms – Kylie looks very sexy. The lower lip was especially well developed, which completes the compositional shape of the face.





Very successful solution! Someone may notice that in some photos Kylie does not even have to smile – she just needs to slightly raise the corners of her lips and she already attracts attention and charms.
























































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Year 2018




Kylie Jenner before and after operations looks completely different. Like a car from one and another epochs. Previously, she had an inexpressive look and an ordinary-looking figure. Kylie Jenner butt before and after are a visual aid on how to increase an important part of the female body. And hello frank dresses and admiring glances. Hopefully, we have visually reviewed all of Kylie’s changes and its transformation is obvious to you.


More Information About Kylie Jenner

Real Name: Kylie Kristen Jenner

Birthday: 10th August 1997

Star Sign: Leo

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States

Nationality: American

Race / Ethnicity: English, Dutch, Scottish, Irish, Welsh

Net worth 2019   900000000 $

Occupation: TV Personality, Social Media Personality, Model, Entrepreneur



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