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Robin in his sixty years does not look old and very fresh. Many attribute to her such an effect by the plastic surgeries that she performs with Botox injections. But is it really?

Many lovers of gossip and speculation, and indeed experts isolate information from a variety of photos of stars tried to establish the reasons for such youth Robin. Plastic surgery Robin McGraw looks like an obvious option. After all, many stars who have turned far in 40 years, do not hesitate to turn to plastic surgeons, finding this as a solution to their age problems.

Robin McGraw’s

Robin McGraw’s Plastic Surgery



Had she ever have plastic surgery face or not.

So, Robin in the photo looks quite good. If we exclude photoshop and ample make-up, then we have good skin that does not sag, like an old man, but rather stretched and looks good.


Robin McGraw’s

Robin McGraw’s TV show


Obviously, this is the result of the intervention of doctors. Robin McGraw facelift looks like a very high-quality surgical procedure, which reduces her age and provides external charm and beauty.

This decision was a winning one, because Robin still takes part in various TV shows and remains on the set.


Robin McGraw’s

Robin McGraw’s


Robin McGraw has long been the person who gives everyone food for thought and all sorts of speculations about possible plastic surgery.

The star itself says little about whether it used the services of a surgeon or these are the results of numerous diets.

All this brings only more smoke around this topic, through which it is so difficult to see the true state of affairs.



But all the same plastic faces here is the place to be. No one can deny this. After all, having entered two any photos of Robin, made with an interval of 20 years, it will become obvious that she made herself a facelift.    Robin’s lips also had a transform. Previously, they were thin and small, which is characteristic of people with a triangular face type.


Lip Fillers

Robin McGraw’s Plastic Surgery

Robin McGraw’s Lips

A well-performed lip augmentation surgery has brought its bottoms – Robin looks very sexy. The lower lip was especially well developed, which completes the compositional shape of the face. Very successful solution! Someone may notice that in some photos Robin does not even have to smile – she just needs to slightly raise the corners of her lips and she already attracts attention and charms.


Botox and Facelift

Robin McGraw’s

Robin McGraw’s Botox


The same can be said about its missing almost wrinkles around the eyes (the so-called crow’s feet) and wrinkles around the mouth, on the neck. Robin McGraw facelift performed perfectly, that even nothing can not find fault.


Robin McGraw’s Botox

Robin McGraw’s Lips


Robin confidently keeps on all sorts of photo shoots, winning the attention of fans and forcing everyone to think: how is it possible that in her 60 years old woman still looks great and even presents herself as an example to follow?



Robin has a beautiful face that looks young, her nose looks very natural and it is unlikely that she somehow modified it. At least in the analysis of photographs it is difficult to see this change. As for lips Robin, then there are already questions. In the photographs of days gone by, we see her small, thin lips, which practically do not protrude. Now the lips look a bit pumped up and very elastic. This suggests that Botox injections were made. This operation looks quite natural for Robin, who wants to be young for a long time.



Nose Job was done well

But the next stage is the study of the fact: did Robin make the plastic of her nose? Indeed, now the nose looks neat and sophisticated. Looking at how the nose bridge looked in the distant 70s and 80s, one can say that this is not the cute nose that adorns Robin’s face at the present time. Rhinoplasty can explain everything about this. But Robin herself didn’t say anything about her nose. Therefore, all speculation about this is left to self-named experts exposing the stars.



Robin’s face now looks very nice and does not at all remind us at all about the woman’s age. It is pleasant to look at him, it is very sweet and modest. Robin’s husband was very lucky. Dr Phil also looks awesome and keeps up with his spouse.



The Dr. Phil facelift also raised questions from the public, because men do this operation less often. But now they look very cute together and having lived together for so many years, they are entitled to a little help from plastic surgeons. Of course, Robin did not stop only on a face lift and continued the experiments. Such a nose gives femininity to her face. This decision was justified by 100 percent and the professionalism of the plastic surgeon made it possible to do exactly what Robin needed: an even and neat lady’s nose.



Breast Implants

Robin in his sixty years has a breast that has not lost its shape. Could this be the result of many diets and workouts, perhaps yoga? Let’s just say: everything can be. But still, many, seeing how boldly Robin McGrow’s boobs look at photoshoots, suggest that magic couldn’t do here. The magic of plastic surgery.



Everyone is inclined to believe that Robin used implantation to give her boobs a good shape. Indeed, now McGraw can wear candid dresses and it will not look somehow dirty and blasphemous. No one can even blame Robin for this. Well, firstly, it is not yet known for certain whether she has performed breast surgery.



And secondly, the chest of the star looks quite natural. And all the talk about the fact that Robin adheres to a healthy lifestyle, conducts training and does yoga, becomes true and it gives off. Indeed, in an interview, Robin reported that she had never smoked in her life, did not abuse alcohol, which had a positive effect on the condition of her skin. Also McGraw is a vegetarian

Does she uses the Botox?


Some fans of the art of the star suggest that Robin uses botox injections. Well, judging by the blush that is present on her cheeks and that smooth skin of her forehead, chin and neck, McGrow still injects. It really gives the face youth and freshness. Wrinkles are smoothed, the head rises, and the eyes are filled with teenage enthusiasm. Lips as modified and become much larger. It is difficult to explain the choice of those or other cosmetics, lipsticks and varnishes. Robin’s face has changed and this is an obvious fact.



Now it looks more expressive. At most, this effect was achieved due to eyebrow correction and eyelash extensions. But there are still some points. For example, her cheeks became slightly rouge and more pumped up. This was definitely achieved by injection. Botox gave the face a bit of volume, which looks advantageous now. Because before, Robin’s face shape was triangular, which is inferior in terms of showiness to an oval face. When Robin smiles, her cheeks rise a little and cute dimples appear on them. Exactly what is needed.



As already mentioned, plastic surgery Robin McGraw performed very high quality and timely. The doctors could not allow any mistakes. And that’s why we take Robin’s transformation so well. She is an example to follow. After all, it is still well kept in public, participates in many TV shows, actively leads its way of life. Robin does yoga, does gymnastics and uses quality food. Many believe that how many operations would not have been done, leading a harmful lifestyle, a person would look awful, sluggish.



Therefore, Robin is for many, not only age, but also young people, an example to follow, something to strive for. And the family life led by Robin and Dr Phil helps them to keep even and not waste their nerve cells in vain. They can give a lot of advice for those who have difficulties in family life. And the rest, all the rumors about plastic operations do not make sense for a person who lives a full life, full of communication with his partner, children and the public.


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Real Name: Robin Jameson Mcgraw

Birthday: 28 December, 1953

Star Sign: Capricon

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States

Net worth $40 million dollars



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