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A lot of the stars of show business do plastic surgery that affects any parts of the body that they don’t like for one reason or another. Moreover, these plastic surgeries remain a secret and are not covered in the media by the stars themselves. Everything else is carried out by journalists: rumors, speculation and frank fiction. But our heroine Wendy Williams is not so secretive. She can openly talk about all the operations that have affected her body. Perhaps this is good, to tell the truth, to make it easier to sleep.


So, we bring to your attention interesting pictures that clearly demonstrate that Wendy Williams before and after are two different women. You can even play the game: “Find 10 differences.” All this is helped by the fact that Wendy openly admitted that she was doing liposuction, which, according to her, quickly helped her lose weight and allowed her to get into normal, beautiful clothes.



Being a successful radio host, she couldn’t afford to look like a multi-pound woman, because it hurt her pride so much. We can also say that Wendy did not hide the fact that she made the implants to give an attractive shape to her breast. The implant surgery in the United States of America is carried out as an outpatient surgery.



This is a safe operation, before which they conduct a detailed conversation with patients and tell about each step that will be done on the operating table. Young Wendy Williams without hesitation had an operation and looks amazing now. Wendy looked very peculiar in her younger years. She had a beautiful face, but it was difficult to call her a slim girl.



But still she was able to succeed and get some experience in the modeling business. All this talk about body perfection does not mean that you need to look that way and no other way. Wendy catches the viewer with her charisma and a confident look. In her early years, Wendy had a large face with a wide nose. She had broad shoulders and a straight back. We can say that Wendy was ready for show business from an early age.


Wendy made a little facelift.



This operation is very common among the stars of show business and not only among women. Thanks to the operation, her face became quite clear, her wrinkles disappeared, and Wendy began to look more confident.



In the nineties, Wendy decided to make his chest and make a tummy tuck.


Liposuction is performed in one of three ways, which, in turn, is chosen from which person performs the operation. At the beginning of the operation, the doctor marks the necessary areas for the operation, conducts anesthesia and then works with the material. Wendy was very pleased with the operation and she said that this was her first experience on the surgical table before a career on television.



The result of her more than arranged, she said, she felt lightness in the movements Wendy Williams’ brest deserves a separate article. This is a true work of art, which created the nature and skillful hands of plastic surgeons. Such an operation is not among the complex and dangerous, so the girl had a minimal fear of them. And the figure wanted to get attractive and in demand in show business. What can I say, the girls want to look more beautiful, despite all the assurances that they look so amazing.



Wendy Williams before the surgery looked a bit tired and burdened by some kind of complex. This is quite natural, because if a person is happy and not concerned about anything, he will not go for plastic surgery just for the sake of the operation. Photos before and after surgeries already confirm Wendy’s opinion that she needed such an operation in order to lose weight and tighten her breasts.



In the 1997 photo, Wendy looks happy and sublime. During these years, she is getting married and does not feel so complexed. The same can be said in 2000, when it appears after the birth in front of journalists. Her fit figure and nice breasts look quite natural.



In 2005, the author shows Wendy Williams, which she always looks great. Still, her model experience provides great opportunities. At the same time her breasts, her face, hair looks amazing. She always knows what to wear to look amazing and advantageous on the screen. This is what Hollywood loves and Wendy is at a height here. On her show, Wendy meets with many stars of various sizes and always looks on a par with them and even better, which makes her a great compliment.



In 2014, Wendy turned 50 years old. And again, in all the photos she looks fresh and taut. Her face glows with happiness, no plastic surgery can be seen. Her figure is slim and Wendy wears clothes that fit her perfectly and highlight her slimness. Not every woman in fifty years is ready to look like that. This is a terrific success, which Wendy weaved by her patience and effort.



In conclusion, we can say that Wendy has done a great job throughout her life. She did not grow up a beautiful princess, but had a character that helped her find the path of her life. Later she performed several operations on herself, including a face lift, a tummy tuck, and the breast was corrected with implants.



But the most important thing to say and what Wendy agrees with is that her fans should be happy and always support her. This is a noble mission, something amazing Wendy Williams has been coping with for several decades. In addition, it is worth adding the amazing work of her doctors who were professional.


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