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This actress gives one of the best her roles in film Transformers. These blockbusters made a big deal of the female star’s gorgeous face and voluptuous body. People also speculated that Megan Fox plastic surgery had breast augmentation because her boobs appear too round and full for her body shape.


While these may simply be rumors, but we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to analyze her beauty.

Let’s try to understand the situation and analyze some photos that make it clear that Megan did a good job on her appearance and now appears to be an incredible beauty, despite the fact that she was not so charming as a child, and being a teenager was overweight.

Quite a lot of speculation was about her figure. That she was not so slim at the beginning of her career. She had thick arms, a round face and good cheeks. Perhaps it was a period of her growing up, hormones played violently, and she was a little out of her body.

Maybe this can be explained by the period of her depression and she allowed herself to eat too much. But nevertheless, in subsequent years, its appearance only transformed for the better.

She is a slim, beautiful girl with the status of one of the most desirable girls in the world. Especially after she performed one of the main roles in the movie “Transformers”.


Did Megan Fox perform a nose correction?

Megan Fox plastic surgery have long been the subject of rumors and speculation. For example, if you look at the photographs of the early period, you will notice that her then nose looks a little more than the one that is present on the face. Today Megan has a neat little nose.

It has narrow wings, which can be explained only by plastic manipulations. Her face now looks more feminine and innocent. Most likely, such an operation could be explained by the fact that the girl holds a large number of photo shoots and in favor of new images and popularity, it was decided to change and correct her nose, which many considered large and stand out on her face.

So she decided, perhaps in favor of the modeling business, to consult plastic surgeons. We know that the modeling business is sometimes somewhat cruel and it is necessary to change the appearance almost beyond recognition. Some of the models have to lose weight, overcoming the resistance of their own body and adjust themselves to the popular standards and framework of universally recognized beauty.

Megan Fox never said anything compromising about a possible plastic surgery on the nose, so we are satisfied with the conjectures of the fans of the actress, who gathered a lot. And we continue to disassemble the transformation of the appearance of Megan.

Did Megan have had botox in her lips?

Looking at the fresh photos of the actress, you will be surprised to see her juicy and ripe lips. It seems to be not surprising, but some few years ago she did not have such lips. They were smaller and more natural. On this account, there is an assumption that Meghan Fox plastic surgery provided her with such a piquant look of the lips.

While watching Transformers, many viewers noticed such a face transformation. But everyone was just glad about it, because they began to look at Megan with great interest. This added to her appearance of youth and audacity.

Perhaps nothing excites the imagination as spicy lips and boobs. In many magazines, her photos look amazing. Having such an appearance, she ensures her popularity, which few of the actresses of her age can afford.

It remains only to applaud the skill and professionalism of plastic surgeons who have provided it with such superiority. Now the face of Megan Fox does not disappear from the covers of magazines, because her face is so photogenic that photographers simply have no right not to invite the actress to a photo session.

Megan also has her own collection of lingerie, her trademark, named after her. And it adds charm and fame to her. Now beauty is associated with her name.

Are Megan’s Real Tits?

After the release of the movie “Transformers”, which became a real hit film distribution, many began to whisper and began to discuss: Is Megan’s chest real? With her thin and slender body, her breasts look very round and elastic. But the girls of her body size breasts look small and have to be “raised” with the help of certain bras and corsets.

But in the case of Megan Fox, this is completely different. Her breasts look cheerful and this is not the merit of the dresses she wears. Therefore, much can be explained by Meghan Fox plastic surgery. Breast implantation surgery is quite easy and the actress was given such an intervention. Again, for the benefit of the modeling business.

If you take her early photographs, where she is a teenager and compare them with current pictures, you can find a huge number of signs of intervention by a plastic surgeon. Someone may say: “Well, Megan, you look so beautiful, why do you need plastic surgery?”.

But girls, especially when the whole world is looking at them, feel that they need to look even better so that the photos are irresistible. First, let’s look at how Megan’s teeth look now. In the pictures, when she was still a teenager, it is clear that her teeth are not as smooth as they are now.

Certainly, there was a consultation with a dentist and correction of bite. After all, you need to smile in the photo widely. This is what we see in old photographs, where Megan’s smile looks tight and her teeth almost never appeared. Probably Megan knew that her teeth were not perfect and involuntarily pursed her lips in order not to accidentally spoil the frame with her smile.

Are her Tits looks nature?

Megan has amazing hips and thin waist. And with this figure, girls often have big breasts, but Megan did not succeed. But she still decided to adjust the chest and make it elastic. Therefore, the actress looks so amazing in the photos. Almost reference. One actor was asked: with whom would you go on a world tour? The answer was: Of course, with Megan Fox, because she can always call for help Bumblebee.

As you can see, this film is probably the most popular in her filmography. And many will recognize her as the heroine of this fantastic film. Megan did a great job of transforming her body. She put the figure in order, dropped those extra pounds. Also, her hobby was visiting the gym, where she did exercises to tighten her chest, tighten her stomach and buttocks. Truly painstaking work presented us with a sexy and desirable Megan, which was hardly presented in 2001, when she looked like a cute donut.

The right lifestyle and going to the gym did their job and the actress is grateful to herself for the efforts she has made. Now, as the face of many fashion magazines, she won the status of a woman who is not subject to time. Further more. Probably, we will follow her career again and she will bring us new rumors about plastic surgery, which we will discuss.

Plastic surgeries performed on the nose, chest and numerous injections of Botox are called the reasons for which she retains the youth and freshness of her body. But this can not explain its mobility and desire for individuality. The actress continues her creative activity, launches her clothing line, waits for an invitation to filming.

Megan wants always be young?

If the actress herself presented herself as such a popular, beautiful and desired girl of the world in some 2000 year, she herself probably would have been frightened by this imagination. But what do the right steps in relation to their body, lifestyle and family life. They give us such a result, which some dream only. And someone, like Megan Fox, directly act and achieve it.

Many Hollywood actors just squint at Megan, wanting to gain her secret of youth. But the answer is simple: no, this is not an elixir of youth! It is only a desire for transfiguration and the rational limits of its motives.

In conclusion, after talking about all sorts of platinum operations related to Megan tits, facelift, dental surgeries, nose surgery, one can only say that Megan is a very secular person, a girl with eyes on the whole world. Hence the need to look more than 100 percent in order to ensure the status of a confident woman capable of making her own decisions. All complexes are simply discarded. On the contrary, the complexes are acquired only by those who look at Megan and feel ill at ease.

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More Information About Megan Fox:

Full Name: Megan Denise Fox

Date of birth: May 16, 1986

Age: 30

Nick Name: Mega Fox, Foxy Megan, Meg

Birthplace: Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA

Nationality: American

Marital status: Married

Profession: Actress, Model

Active Year: 2001-Present

Spouse: Brian Austin Green (m. 2010)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Religion: Roman Catholic

Mother: Gloria Darlene

Father: Franklin Thomas Fox

Sister: Kristi Branim Fox

Height: 5 ft. 4 in

Weight: 52 kg

Eye: Blue

Hair: Dark Brown

Education: Kingston Elementary School, Virginia Beach, Virginia and St. Lucie West Centennial High School, Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA, Sharon Lane

Ethnicity: White

Net Worth: $ 8 million


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