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Ivanka Trump is beautiful

Ivanka Trump is one of the most attractive and beautiful girls not only in America, but in the world. This status is ensured not only by the fact that Ivanka herself is a beautiful girl, but also by the fact that she is the daughter of the President of the United States – Donald Trump. Ivanka grew up in a businessman’s family and was brought up in strict conditions, where there were few such ordinary things as family picnics and trips to the zoo. Parents were often busy, and she received private education. It is not surprising that Ivanka is now engaged in his business, working as a fashion designer. As a child, she realized that she needed to match the reputation of the Trump family and be just as strict and powerful. With an irresistible beauty in her arsenal, she expected to receive a lot from this world. But is her beauty natural? Is there no place for surgical manipulations in her appearance? So, being such a media personality, Ivanka should just be the perfect girl.

If you take her early photographs, where she is a teenager and compare them with current pictures, you can find a huge number of signs of intervention by a plastic surgeon. Someone may say: “Well, Ivanka, you look so beautiful, why do you need plastic surgery?”. But girls, especially when the whole world is looking at them, feel that they need to look even better so that the photos are irresistible.

First, let’s look at how Ivanka’s teeth look now. In the pictures, when she was still a teenager, it is clear that her teeth are not as smooth as they are now. Certainly, there was a consultation with a dentist and correction of bite. After all, you need to smile in the photo widely. This is what we see in old photographs, where Ivanka’s smile looks tight and her teeth almost never appeared. Probably Trump knew that her teeth were not perfect and involuntarily pursed her lips in order not to accidentally spoil the frame with her smile.

Look at Ivanka’s chest – these are implants.

Recently, a lot of talk goes about how magnificently the girl’s chest looks. And that the chest is nothing like Ivanka’s implants. Again, these rumors flowed from what her boobs were between twenty and thirty years and what they appeared in her mature years. Can this really be attributed to mature Ivanka? Outfit whether. She has no children, so it is also difficult to rely on the hormonal effect. It turns out that the work of a plastic surgeon was done here, which gave Ivanka’s status as a very beautiful girl an even greater effect. Effectively, it looks hypnotizing. Some fans say that Ivanka’s implants was the result of the husband’s whim, Jared Kushner. If we take into account the fact that Ivanka worked as a fashion designer, then we can assume that she knows the tastes of the public and can apply her knowledge in choosing one or another clothing. She looks really very attractive and in choosing a wardrobe will give odds to many. Also, being familiar with the covers of the leading model magazines, she could make a small plastic breast to look even more advantageous in the photographs.

Another detail regarding her appearance is changing the shape of her chin. For 30 years Ivanka became the owner of a neat little chin. Again, this conclusion comes from viewing a variety of retro-photos, where she appears with a chin, a little more than the one that flaunts her face at the present time. Due to the reduction of her chin, her face becomes more subtle and feminine. Apparently it was precisely this that the bet of the American diva was made. Add to this the possible invitations from fashion magazines to numerous photo shoots and conduct potential business negotiations where you need to produce an effect on partners, and you get a clearly cut diamond in the shape of Ivanka’s face.

Of course, it can be called one of the most important factors for the sake of which she goes for surgery, which is performed by professional doctors. The results of these operations, we can not even see the pictures. So it is a delicate work, which is entrusted only to the best doctors. After all, spoil the reputation of the Trump family is unlikely to anyone wants.


Did Ivanka’s tits nature?




Ivanka’s face really looks very young. Many believe that without a face lift and wrinkle smoothing could not do here. If we put aside numerous cosmetic methods, then we can see signs of suspenders in the photos. The smile gets a little tucked from the corners. But Ivanka could not make a poor-quality tightening, so the visual signs of the braces are just elusive.

Now let’s talk about the next change in the appearance of the face. It touches the nose. Even without studying the previous photos from the distant past, one can say that Ivanka’s nose does not look completely natural. Too clear bridge and small wings. After all, before her nose was bigger and was slightly turned up at the end. Apparently it was in the end that she didn’t like it and she decided to change her nose a little in favor of her status as a beauty. Now she has turned out to be more accurate and likable, and her face has changed and become more innocent than before. And in combination with luxurious hips, the face literally became perfect and secular.

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In conclusion, after talking about all sorts of platinum operations related to Ivanka’s tits, facelift, dental surgeries, nose surgery, one can only say that Ivanka is a very secular person, a girl with eyes on the whole world. Hence the need to look more than 100 percent in order to ensure the status of a confident woman capable of making her own decisions. All complexes are simply discarded. On the contrary, the complexes are acquired only by those who look at Ivanka Trump and feel ill at ease.


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